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Draplin Design Co., North America
January 19, 2011
Bunny Boots
Posted at 01:49 PM


NORTH TO ALASKA: Heading up to Alaska tonight! Got a little speaking gig tomorrow night in downtown Anchorage, on the means streets! Be there, Alaska! I know you are a big state, but hell, if there was any reason to venture in from the bush, well, this just might be it. Or not. Hard to say.

Here’s the full list of details: AIGA Alaska presents: “DDC vs. Alaska: Tale Tales From A Large Man.”

OUR PITCH: Let me sell you on it. Me, up on a stage, blathering about “what I do” and “where I’m from” and “how I do it.” You know, for Anchorage’s creative community mainly, but hell, we welcome all ticketholders to this event. Topics like “Independence” and “Going For It” and “Doing Whatever It Takes To Survive” will be tackled, with fervor. Much like Alaska.

And this ain’t our first rodeo! We’ve been crafting, honing and refining our little talk over the better part of 2010 in many an exotic location! Here’s proof, you beasts. See? People believe in the DDC! They rolled the dice on us, and we delivered the good. Lots of hot air. Seriously.

So we think you should come. I’m sending this transmission all the way up the coast. To Juneau, into the big city Anchorage, down to Homer, out to the eastern flank of Tok, all the way west to the ocean village of Unakleet, all the way north to Barrow, all the way out to the very tip of those Aleutian Islands, to the grizzlies of Kodiak Island and the Caribou just north of Fairbanks. You are all invited. Hell yeah.

I’m hopping a bush plane out of Portland this afternoon that makes gear drops in Dawson, Whitehorse and Tok, so, I gotta get my shit together and get out to the landing strip. Go.

See you tonight, Anchorage! Kirkpatrick, I’m coming in hot!

- - - -

TRUTH IN LOGISTICS: Right now‚€”on some barge, ferry, ice road semi or ramshackle bush plane‚€”a certain stack of posters make their way up to Alaska! 3-colors on the thickest, whitest, meanest, uncoated-est paper we could get in the press. “Must-have item” for those Alaska winters. “Spirit Booster” for those in the painful clutches of cabin fever. Made just for you, Alaska. We’ll show the thing once we get up there. Until then, no dice.

And to everyone who wrote in about “ordering the Alaska poster off the DDC site” just know this: We’ve got a cache stashed down here we’ll be unleashing on the “Lower 48” once we get back, that is, if we come back. Stay tuned, readers. You need one of these. Full announcement soon.

There is One Comment

1. I’m gonna’ need one of those Alaska posters.

2. Because I own (and use) a(n) ULU knife.

3. Of all your speaking engagements, Designspeaks, I’m sure, was your greatest moment.

4. Say hello to Sarah, Bristol, Todd, Trig, Splif, Tit, Trigger, and the whole Palin clan.

5. Get ‘yer ass back to P-town. Stat.

Posted by: Hillerns on 01/20/11 at 10:21 AM
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