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December 25, 2010
Slow Day Christmas Day
Posted at 11:13 PM


BAH HUM BUG: Christmas was worth a shit. We just laid low and took it easy. I wasn’t feeling too much of anything, so Leigh took care of me all day and we got ready to fly back to Michigan the next day.

The ache was there, and seemed to be going away, but, with a trip to the men’s room for nature’s call, things would intensify. I apologize for getting graphic, but hell, I just want to tell it like it went down.

When you are sick, the mind can go in a million different directions. Web MD can go fuck itself. Stay off of those sites. Those just scare you into bad mindsets that can’t help anything in the least. And, in an attempt to soothe yerself, you wrack the brain about simpler problems like “gas pains” and “constipation” and “the simple stomach ache.” The things we understand always sound the best, right? Blindly trying to out a finger on the problem. So dumb. So scared. Trying to keep my cool, and not totally freaked out, but, just sorta “off” the whole time.

And maybe that was enough. I should’ve listened closely. Or closer.

We stayed up, packing for our trip, getting to bed late.

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