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December 23, 2010
Did My Best To Have A Regular Day
Posted at 10:10 PM


STILL THERE, STILL THERE: Woke up with a slight stomach ache, but had to go in to the shop. Had a couple meetings to wrangle, my last of the year, pushing towards the Holidaze break. I was excited to be getting done for a couple days, to head back to Michigan.

The cramps came back early on in the day, a dull ache in my right side, directly on my side. Sitting down and getting up hurt. I thought maybe I “pulled something” in the muscle department, and any sort of strain was messing with it. I took it easy, wrapped up my logo presentations and finished out the day the best I could with Matt from Sizzle Pie. I was in good spirits getting the work done, but feeling rough all over. Just “off” enough to not want to be in the shop. That’s a new one for me. I always like being in the shop. Maybe too much?

So I headed home for another night of taking things easy, took a couple hot showers (which kinda did the trick adding fuel to the blind “pulled muscle” theorizing) and laid low. The cramping reduced to a dull ache. Bearable, sure, but there, and noticeable. Just noticeable enough.

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