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THINKING ABOUT WHAT A YEAR IT WAS, BOTH GOOD AND BAD: Today, I awoke feeling a lot better. The tightness of the wounds mellowed out some, which was kinda surprising. I’ve got stitches inside the incisions, that dissolve inside. On the outside, there is glue holding the openings together. Kinda incredible, when you think about. Adventures in healing.

I have a new fascination, and appreciation for doctors, medicine and healing. Advances in my mind. Like, I want to go and thank my surgeon face to face, just to thank him for helping me. I shook his hand moments before being readied to go into surgery, but was pretty out of my mind, frazzled, relieved and just happy as hell to know what the deal was, and how I was going to be getting fixed up. Thanks, buddy.

- - - -

MORE LISTS: The last day of the year, and I took the time/had the time to think back at what an incredible year it was.

In short, a list of the good, and some tough stuff, in no real order, just all adding up to a hot year around the sun…


01. My little nephew Oliver coming into the world. Cosmic.
02. Berlin and Rome with pretty lady Leigh.
03. Speaking engagements all over the nation.
04. Good work from good clients.
05. My art show in Minneapolis. Thanks, Burlesque/Co Exhibitions!
06. Detroit Mission in April, and seeing everyone back home.
07. Brimfield Mission in May with Rose. That ruled.
08. Further proliferation of Field Notes across the globe!
09. Seeing the Greenhorne in Portland. Keeler chops!
10. A couple good runs across the nation.
11. August back home with Mom, Dad and Leigh.
12. Making it to 37!
13. My biggest year ever with the DDC! Thank you.
14. So many cool Field Notes Color editions. Blown Away.
15. Shooting the shit with Wayne Coyne in Eugene.
16. Getting away with it all. Thank you, little world.
17. The new Volvo. Yuppificationism.


01. Saying goodbye to Gary. I just miss him a whole bunch. We all do.
02. Battling Gary’s injury all year.
03. This whole appendicitis fiasco.
04. Working a little too much for my own good.
05. Missing the World’s Longest Yard Sale. Still sore on this one.
06. Saying goodbye to the van. I miss that beast. Big Man Friendly™.

I hope everyone had a good 2010. Healthy, happy, busy as fuck, productive, thankful, loved, free and wild.

Here’s to 2011, motherfuckers!

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Aaron, I’ve read the entire fiasco, laughed with you cried with you, cuz, as you know I just kinda sorta went through the same thing. It makes you look at your family different, doesn’t it? And the hospital experience, the wonderful people the wonderful drugs, I think the whole experience was a gift to you. I and I know you know what I mean, especially when I saw Gary’s little paws. I love you kid

Posted by: Aunt Mary on 01/15/11 at 5:26 PM
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