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Draplin Design Co., North America

Die-Cut Nate applies the first of a whopping 405 applications. His work attained “Grand Champion” status the DDC. Lifetime membership. So awesome. Thank you.

No rest for the wicked. Thank you, fellas. Again, again and again.

I made a key for future visitors. One line for each item up on the wall.

Very Limited Edition of 150. 4-color on thick-ass sorta white. Printed with full force by Burlesqueâ„¢.

There was extra space for whipped up a couple things for the gang up space. Extra card, a prairie-inspired mini-poster and a special edition Field Notes belly band just for the event. So damn fun. Was hungry for a Reese’s peanut cup when I took this shot.

Made a t-shirt too for the big night, too. Babe the Blue Ox. Of the Northwoods.

“The wall of sound” of The Evening Rig showed up to load in an hour before showtime. Drummer Becky came a little later with “the beat.” Always awesome to see my buddy Jason Miller. Hell yeah. And Josh too! And the new basshammer Eric. Fuck yeah, all around.

Full house. So pumped to see this scene in the rangefinder.

Sole Lander and her gang brought the meanest cookies that side of the Mississippi River. These went faster than the posters. Serious eats.

Derek Schille and little Harrison Schille of St. Paul made it over. Always great.

Scott Thares of Wink (far right) brought his motorcycle maniac of a buddy along with him (far left.) That’s me in the middle. (far flung.) Good people to have at an art show. The right kind of back up, in case shit got ugly.

With brother Ryno, saluting “a night to remember.” Barley wiiiine!

- - - -

THANK YOU FOR SLEEPING ON THE STAIRS WHILE WE HUNG THE WALL, LEIGH McKOLAY: Always up for an adventure, and whatever flight we can cram her into, and losing sleep, Leigh documented the event, handled the merch table and generally “brought some pretty” to a big room “full of ugly.” Thanks, lady.

- - - -

THANK YOU, BOARDISTAN: As written up by their Midwest Travel Unit. Thank you!

- - - -


- - - -

SORRY WE LEFT THE NOSE OFF THAT BRUIN, SWEDEN: The curse of the dick nose bear!

There Are 10 Comments

Holy shit! Holy cow!!! LOOKS AMAZING!!!

Posted by: Noah on 10/25/10 at 10:14 PM

incredible show. Love the huge wall o’ stuff. very Gastrotypographicalassemblage-esk, which ain’t a bad thing.
there has to be some high res pics of that thing somewhere, post ‘em up!

Posted by: scott on 10/25/10 at 11:48 PM

Holy shit, that’s a lot of orange. Impressive work as always.

Posted by: Nate on 10/26/10 at 4:45 AM

looks amazing! are those cards and or shirt going to be available online at some point?

Posted by: Christopher on 10/26/10 at 5:57 AM

looks amazing! will those cards or shirt be available for purchase online at all?

Posted by: Christopher on 10/26/10 at 6:02 AM

My wife and I really enjoyed the show (although we didn’t get to meet you), and especially love the new poster. Ours will hang on our living room wall when we move overseas next year to remind us of our home city in October, with all its orange and brown. I pray you continue to be blessed with success and enjoyment of your work. Keep it up!

Posted by: Matt C. on 10/26/10 at 7:58 AM

Dude! DUDE! You raised the bar man… It was already ridiculously high, but you just took it to a whole ‘nother level man. The poster, the shirt, the cards and the freaking wall. Wish I could’ve been there. Well done my friend, well done.

Posted by: jonathan on 10/26/10 at 2:54 PM

How long will this be up. I feel like a fool for having missed the opening.

Posted by: Todd P. on 10/26/10 at 5:32 PM

Man, congrats Aaron, there’s a lot of solid work up on that wall.

Posted by: Tyler on 10/27/10 at 8:00 AM

So good! Wish I could see that exhibit in person. Amazing work dude, always an inspiration.

Posted by: Chris A. on 10/28/10 at 6:22 AM
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