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October 28, 2010
Get Extended
Posted at 07:21 PM


GOING FAST, MINNESOTANS: The poster we made made up for our show, then screen printed by Burlesque’s Ben Lafond, is up on the Burlesque site, is for sale, and shipping to all points of the globe. all sorts of Minnesota on that poster. You need one. Going fast, Upper Midwest! Act now.

- - - -

AS FILMED BY GOOD HANDS ANDY SANTA MARIA: I was lucky enough to go to Minneapolis in August to judge the Minnesota ADFED Dog & Pony Show 2010.

Had a good time, met a ton of cool folks and even got filmed for a little spot. Here’s some footage of my big medicine ball head saying words. So gross.

This guy was awesome. Even for a Brit. Graham Clifford, everyone!

- - - -

EVERYBODY JUST CHILL OUT: There’s a baby on the premise, so be cool. Little Oliver stopped by this afternoon for a impromptu visit. Wet with drool and wielding a little maraca like no one’s business, that little nugget really lit the place up. Here’s an action sequence showing the following:

Little Oliver and his maraca, a big ol’ toothless smile, whipping that little maraca around and hitting me in the eye, then, grabbing a big ol’ fistful of my face and “smooshing” with me. Lots of spit going on there. Not afraid. Blood is thicker than water.

- - - -

SOME SERIOUS SERIFS HERE: Buffalo, New York’s very own Noah Rothschild unleashes a retooled version of a classic extended serif font, this time around called “MCM Hellenic Wide.” Get a copy and get extended. We recommend this one.

- - - -

EIGHT SECONDS IN: Click “play” on this, and look on the travel case at the eight second mark. Hell yeah!

- - - -

COME BACK, DETROIT, COME BACK: Another movie about the case for Detroit, and the mysteries therein. Where’d you go? Come back, Motor City: Lemonade the Movie.

Own a piece of the movie by clicking here! $1 a frame. Get it going, readers. Make this happen. For Detroit. For Michigan. For that Midwest. For America. For us. We bought 24 frames!

“A blank canvas.” I like the sound of that. This is where I am from. My roots. My family. Aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents. (Thank you, Bill Green!)

- - - -


01. Breeders - Pod
02. R.L. Burnside - An Ass Pocket of Whiskey
03. Cows - Whorn
04. Bob Dylan - Highway 61 Revisited

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