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Draplin Design Co., North America
October 06, 2010
High On Muff, And Old Cartography
Posted at 09:24 PM


Trying like hell to catch our breath. Up to our neck in vectors, you know? Going wild.

Our very first Big Muff pedal showed up today for our guitar explorations. Fun.

- - - -

HERE’S ONE TO DESTROY THE DAY: Minneapolis’ very own Jason Miller comes in real hot with this one: Dave Rumsey’s map collection. Impressive. Get high on old geography and cartography. Not to be messed with. Then or now.

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Oh man, you’re in for trouble now. Didn’t anyone ever tell you that the Big Muff is the gateway drug to fuzz? Once you’ve started down that road, the little metal boxes with the fun knobs that go “grrrr,” “beeeeeeeep,” and “rrrrrrrooar” just start piling up. Best to invest in extra guitar cables now.

Posted by: jrmy on 10/07/10 at 12:10 PM

That’s Pedaltown, USA you’re strolling into. Rock and roll is plentiful, but the taxes are steep. Set a limit for new acquisitions now before it’s too late for numbers to matter. Give me a call when you’re short a drummer, I need to be making more thumping noises.

Posted by: Jason Duerr on 10/09/10 at 11:36 AM
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