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WE LOVE MICHIGAN: That’s where we are from. Our beginnings. The bedrock on which we grew from a little summer sausage into the proud full-length Kowalski we are these days. Home of those Great Lakes. Home of the Motor City! The best shaped state in the union, hands down. Sorry, South Dakota, we love you and all, but the “rectangle thing” just ain’t doing it for us. Celebrate all that beautiful coastline with one of these. In a pinch, can be used as “a map.” You never know. Act now. Going fast.

Click here and get it going, Michiganders!

- - - -

JUST NORTH OF MICHIGAN, WE LOVE CANADA: Especially their flag, and all those province highway signs. And now, I love their guitar pedals. Check out the badassery of Fairfield Circuitry! Damn. Go buy a rock pedal, you axe-wielding beasts! (“Pat from Canada” sent this one in, and it’s been in the inbox for some time, just smoldering.)

- - - -

WE OFTEN GO “PANTLESS”: We are right now, as a matter of fact. Here’s a venn diagram explaining as much. (Saw this one on Dave Caskey’s Twitter feed this morning. Good deal.)

- - - -

SOME GOOD THINKING HERE: And then a rather lethal execution of said thinking. Get a load of this one: Put those keys into yer leatherman. Two birds with one stone. (Thank you, Eli Atkins! Be careful out in that surf.)

- - - -

HOLD ON TO YER SEAT: Think you got what it takes? Think you got some skills? Well, look at this link and then think to yerself, “Fuck, I ain’t shit.” Gerard Huerta is that kind of good. Be careful. This one could make you change yer line of work. (Thank you Mike Davis, for opening his world to me, and fucking up my stock price that much more. This one goes mental on you.)

- - - -

merch_ravens_wing.gif HEED THIS, DEMONS OF THE NIGHT: “To Sweet Hereafter” by Jim Coudal, with a nod to Hillaire Beloc.

- - - -


01. Led Zeppelin - IV
02. Kelly Stoltz - Circular Sounds
03. Jesus Lizard - Lash
04. Richmond Fontaine - Safety

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So I get up expecting to get the day rolling and the Huerta thing shows up. I read it, roll my eyes at that fucker’s skills and look at my watch. My fucking watch! I used to like that thing too. Damn. Gotta admit, nice work though.
You warned us.

Posted by: Skegger on 10/29/10 at 3:00 PM

SWEEEEEEEEET. Very excited to see these in stock!!!

Posted by: Adam smith on 11/01/10 at 8:22 PM

now i can alternate with my “cheboygan basketball” T for kickball games out here in tahoe
thx Drap for keepn the homestate influence around, dare you to put a diecut of that on the new Volvo’s hood

Posted by: smc on 11/10/10 at 12:38 PM
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