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Draplin Design Co., North America
October 20, 2010
Oranging Up The Twin Cities
Posted at 12:31 PM


GETTING EXCITED TO GET AIRBORNE: Been a little hectic back here. Trying to “get it ALL done.” Trying like hell. Been going very late each night, with exception of birthday festivities for the lady and I. Otherwise, it’s been “whatever it takes” with a smidge of light at the end of the tunnel starting to show up.

But check that wall out up above! That’s what it’s looking like in that CO Exhibitions gallery back there in Minneapolis. Oranging up the place, alright! Wow. Dip me in orange. Dip Minneapolis in orange. Dip YOU in orange.

And here’s why, fuckers: We’re working up a DDC “art show” titled “Thanks MPLS” filled to the brim with a million of our logos, examples of work that makes me a living, DDC trinkets, both to wonder about and to purchase. With the expertise of Joe Belk, Mike Davis and maybe Ryno. Shit, we got a band playing! The Evening Rig! I can’t wait. Mom, Dad and Leigh are going to be there. Local luminaries from the Minneapolis scene will be coming. Or else. Posters. T-shirts. Hats. Stuff. Beer. Conversation. Orange shit. Wrastling. Ryno. Big walls. Bricks. Feedback. Dachshund-inspired vectors. Ugly people.

Real fired up for this one. Hopping my flight in two hours. Yikes!

- - - -

BEEN MISSING THE G-UNIT REAL BAD: So I went to the dachshund Flickr pool, and that raised my spirits. I miss you, buddy. Bad.

- - - -

REILLY BRENNAN KNOWS HIS WHEELS: Look at this motherfucker of a rig right here: A 1974 Mercedes-Benz UNIMOG 406!!! Holy hell.

- - - -

KICKSTART, KICKSTART, KICKSTART: The Indie Rock Cred Test book project is FUNDED! Let’s do this! Thank you, rock world.

- - - -

THANKFUL AS HELL: Red Fang rolled their rig, and man, I’m glad they are all okay. Happened last week. Glad as hell it didn’t turn out one guitar lick worse. Thankful. Buddies. Coyle, I love ya.

- - - -

COOL LITTLE HUMANS IN COOL, LITTLE CLOTHES: Rocket Like A Tot is up to some cool shit. For little ones. Oh, sorry for the language! I’ll start over. Rocket Like A Tot is up to some kick-ass stuff. For little ones!

Onesies and little t-shirts and, well, cool graphics for cool kids that beats the hell out of the run-of-the-mill riff raff you find “everywhere else.” We aren’t going to name names. Kickstart these guys, then, get yerself pregnant, grow a child inside you, and then when it comes out, you can put a cool dinosaur shirt on the little bugger. Simple plan. Fun. Cycle of life. Cool threads.

- - - -

THAT KIND OF LINK: The kind where you go, “Hey, that was my Uncle!” Awesome. Weird sweaters and boots and shit. Oh yeah, here’s the link: One Trip Pass. Makes me want to go outside.

(Thank you, Ben Vickery, pride of Drain, Ore.)

- - - -

ONE OF MINNEAPOLIS’ GREATEST: Joe Kral has the greatest art + design book and periodicals collection. Maybe, ever. Pride of Fairbault, Minn. One of the designers that brought me to Minneapolis in the first place with TPC. Wow. Anyway, here’s a couple gems from his collection, that you better not miss. Seriously.

- - - -


01. Dale Allen Dixon - Dale Filling Boxes With Shit To Drag Back To Minneapolis
02. Dale Allen Dixon - Dale Filling Boxes With Shit To Drag Back To Minneapolis
03. Dale Allen Dixon - Dale Filling Boxes With Shit To Drag Back To Minneapolis

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Tryin like hell to get my shit together enough to come see you saturday. Bringin the little shaver to get him some culture.

Posted by: Schille on 10/20/10 at 12:47 PM
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