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September 06, 2010
U.S. Route 2 Westbound - Day 02
Posted at 11:11 PM


Out of Manistique and up across the western flank of the Upper Peninsula, into and across the very top of Wisconsin over to Minnesota. A quick supper at Pizza LucĂ© in Duluth and into Northern Minnesota and the “Paul Bunyon Expressway” over to Grand Rapids for the night. Just shy of 400 miles. These two-laners take patience and skill. Drive 55 and bring ‘em alive!

Home for the night. Just outside of Manistique.

Up nice and close.

Yet another Northwoods guy named “Paul.”

Interesting coin bank spotted at the Tractor Parade/Flea Market, Escanaba.

Made in Port Huron by bad-ass motherfuckers.

Northland Food Store, Bark River.

Big D from Big D’s Flea Market, Ironwood. Recommended.

Lake Superior, looking like it already forgot about that whole “summer thing.”

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Where are those traditional media specs you posted a while back about how to best export a file for print? I am trying to get a report out and can’t find that post. :(

Posted by: Kirk on 09/07/10 at 3:13 PM
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