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September 23, 2010
More Understanding
Posted at 11:40 AM


Here’s a little something, that, well, just feels right: Justin and Haneen’s The Understanding Campaign.

Justin Sirois contacted us some months back to contribute our interpretation of the Arabic word for “Understanding.” That’s what you are seeing above, dipped in some big, thick-ass DDC.

I like this. There’s something to it. Grassroots energy, that can generate some good dialogue in such a tricky world, and, clashing of cultures. We need more understanding.

Cuz man, we’re not get through this shit using bombs. Instead, promoting creativity and openness to, well, things we don’t quite understand…yet. Could be a step in the right direction.

It’s a big world, and we’re gonna have to work together. Thank you Justin and Haneen for the opportunity to roll up the sleeves for something with some substance. Good luck out there! We’ll be watching for it!

- - - -

BUT OF COURSE: Heavy Metal quilting! I’ve got this vision of some grandmother nodding her head gently to some goddamn High On Fire in the background, building these evil beasts. Ha. “Made With Hate.” Aw, cute. (Thank you, Jawn!)

Thank you to everyone who wrote in about our “Quilt Quest” post from late last night. We’re gonna make some magic here. I’ve got a couple designs already going and everything. No shit. Thank you, readership!

- - - -

THIS ONE, JUST IN FROM BROTHER RHAJER CAMERON: The always great Galco’s Soda Pop Stop down there in Los Angeles. Rose and I hit that place up forever ago. 2001? Something like that. I remember stockpiling a couple cases of Vernor’s to drag back down deep behind the Orange Curtain, in paradise. Yawn. Awesome, awesome place that promotes incredible, obscure novelty drinks and, as an added bonus, tooth decay. Bottoms up!

- - - -

FOR WHEN IT’S TIME TO LOAF: I’ve been couch shopping…this just might be the perfect accompaniment. No reason to ever get off the couch, you know? Got everything you need. Any ideas on a feeding tube? (Thanks, JP!)

- - - -

SOMETHING WE’D LOVE TO HAVE: Atlas Model No. 63 Drill Press. Over at a little site with a great name” Notforsale.net. Good spirit there. That guys seems cool.

- - - -

THIS ONE BETTER BE GOOD, OR WE’RE WALKING OUT: Those wildcats from OMFGCO are speaking here in Portland: “The Seven Steps To making It Official.”

Hillerns reserved me a couple seats, so we’re pumped. I’m gonna be eyeballing Fritz real hard that night. You know, just to add a little sass to the fact that “It ain’t easy being up there in front of everyone, sweating it out.” Trust me on this one. I make even more of a fool out of myself against 200 eyeballs. This deal’s gonna be good. Don’t miss it.

- - - -


01. Archer Prewitt - Three
02. The Gories - I Know You Be Houserockin’
03. Pavement - Killers and Stars
04. Pavement - Slanted and Enchanted
05. Galaxie 500 - Today

There Are 4 Comments

You sir, are a hero.

Posted by: Justin Sirois on 09/23/10 at 12:45 PM

I recently worked with a Saudi Arabian client who’s opening a chain of chicken restaurants there. What a way to bridge understanding €” over fast food. The restaurant’s logotype is in English, but they also needed an Arabic version to go with it. Definitely some crazy shit trying to design custom Arabic calligraphy.

Posted by: Chris on 09/23/10 at 9:30 PM

Is you wanna give Fhm (understanding) a try, we’re open to it!

Posted by: Justin Sirois on 10/07/10 at 7:06 AM

William H. Macy and Felicity Huffman endorse the Understanding Campaign!


Posted by: Justin Sirois on 10/15/10 at 7:53 AM
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