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September 24, 2010
Be Humbled, Readers
Posted at 02:46 PM


ONE WEEK FROM TONIGHT: We’re gonna be down in Las Vegas of all places, seeing that Matador records get together. Goddamn Nakamoto got himself up before noon a couple months back and got us some “VIP” tickets. That’s right. High class. High style. Low IQ. Real excited for this one. Guided By Voices, Blues Explosion, Superchunk and a little band from Stockton, Calif. called Pavement. All the crap that got me through my youth, in those early-to-mid 90s. Back when I “had it going on.” Debatable.

- - - -

JUST WHEN YOU THINK YOU’VE GOT YER SHIT TOGETHER: And everything is firing on all cylinders, and you are kinda smart, and cool, and all that, well, just know, something else is out there, KICKING YER BUTT!

That sonofabeast is from the always great Off-Road Action. The kind of site Rose prob’ly lurks around. If not, we got you beat. If you already saw it, well, you still suck.

(This one was sent in by Reilly “Detroit Days” Brennan, and we’d like to thank him for everything he’s done for us. Right here and now. Hell yeah.)

- - - -

YOU THINK YOU GOT WHAT IT TAKES, EH?: Well, think again. Yer hot shit, eh? Making posters for bands or twirling up handlebar mustaches or aping whoever’s the other pile of hot shit’s hot shit? Cool down that turd there, bud. Here’s the REAL DEAL. Get some glass dust in yer eye from the skilled hands of David A. Smith, Sign Artist.

Humbling moves. We got a long way to go. Know that. The next time I think I’m “on to something” I’m gonna stop and think How would David A. Smith handle this. The I’ll have to start over or something.

Learn from the masters, people. There’s a living, breathing version of it. So good.

- - - -

114 REASONS TO WATCH THIS: Great Falls, Montana-resident Walter Breuning gives you a dose of wisdom, from his 114 years. 114 years.

“Be Good To Everybody.” I’m always up for learning something from the old growth. Thank you, Mr. Breuning. (From Leigh, fending off creepy coffee shop trolls trolling.)

- - - -

ALL THE WAY FROM TEXAS, TO PORTLAND, AND BACK TO TEXAS: Public School’s very own Jay Sauceda shows up on the DDC factory floor, we shoot the shit, he shoots some shit (see portrait in link) and then writes us up in such a glowing fashion, that frankly, I just can’t take it. So awesome, and my medicine ball head blows up that much further. Thanks, Jay. And thanks for coming to the shop. It was great to have you, and I know you guys are going to continue to do great shit for decades. The guy was wearing cowboy boots. Take that, Portland! Not to be messed with.

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You mofo’s got tickets to that Matador shit? I would do just about….just about anything to go. Tell me what I need to do.

Posted by: Vin on 09/24/10 at 2:59 PM

Um, that David A. Smith film? Fucking mind-blowing. Kudos to Danny Cooke, too. He did the man justice.

JSBX = my all-time favorite band. I fondly remember winning a Blues Explosion promo video comp from the Matador website in ‘95 (or was it ‘96?). Also up for grabs was a copy of Controversial Negro, which I never got to listen to until this year’s reissue. Ah, the ’90s.

Posted by: Allan Lorde on 09/25/10 at 12:22 AM
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