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September 02, 2010
Night Wrecked
Posted at 07:15 PM


NIGHTWRECKER WARNING: Sure, you were all set for a nice night in…on the couch with the better half, watching some serial drama program, cozied up, all warm and happy, and during a commercial break, you grab the laptop, click around some, and find yer way here wondering, “What the fuck’s up with the DDC?”

Here’s what’s upÔ€”a link that will derail whatever night you promised away. Beer drinkers be warned!

We’ve been here many times, but it’s been while: Breweriana.com.

This is where I started: “Flat Tops-Non-OI” What the hell does “Non-OI” even mean? Who cares? Get lost in there. 525 examples. Some of the best typography of all time.

Then there was this one: The labels section at Breweriana.com. Night blown.

Anyway, you’ll get clicking around in there looking at shit like this and this, and before you know it, The Housewives Of Somewhere Fucked will be over, the mate will be huffy and hell, maybe the dog will be barking. Just everything all wrong. Just cuz of one click into the old days of beer swilling.

Let’s rage!

(He who goes by “Kyle Steed” sent this in, so if you want to blame someone, blame him. I am.)

- - - -

YEAH, BE MAD: Only one link today, and a whopper at that, due to our sorta normal state of “being busier than you.” Feel good you’ve got the time to read these words. We don’t.

There is One Comment

ha! OI means “opening instructions”. Some of the cans with OI are worth more/rares than the can without them.

Posted by: Daron on 09/07/10 at 7:57 AM
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