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Draplin Design Co., North America
September 18, 2010
Let The Fun Begin
Posted at 08:37 PM


Another long one with Martino making those binding spec packages. Lots of little Pantone chips floating around, plastics, EVA foam, carbon fiber, “wipe and swipe” techniques, embossings, debossings, things anodized, etc.

Making these things.

We call Pantone colors “Tony Pantoney.” Something to do with Italy. I guess you have to be here to get just precisely how dumb that is, but, still soothes the mind as we make our yearly ascent up Binding Mountain.

Another thing we’ve been saying is, “Let the fun begin.” You know, staring right in the face of another 5-6 hour run up some pinnacle of the aforementioned butte. Brutal moves.

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