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March 09, 2009
Thinking About Old Posters
Posted at 03:51 PM


At that Antique Expo this weekend, Micheal Maslan had his tables full of incredible maps, photos and incredible travel posters. Not to be messed with. You walk up to his table, and they are just laid right out in piles and your first instinct is to just start rifling through them. Just like everything else at the show. But no. Don’t do it. Mr. Maslan has no problem letting you who’s boss at that table.

One woman walked up and haphazardly laid her can of Orange Sunkist down and he let out a sassy, “Please remove your drink, ma’am. We don’t want that to spill on a stack of posters, as, I’d charge you for all of them.” Something like that. These guys are masters of their paper universes.

Thing is, his posters range from $400-$3000 and prob’ly even higher, so you know, the guy’s on edge. He gave us an amazing tour of his stack last year, and then again this year. I’m hooked and am officially in the market for one of these old beauties.

Here’s a couple from the stack yesterday. “Contenders,” if you will. Dig the Otl Aicher!

The guy who’s work caught my eye the most was Stan Galli.

His illustrations for the Weyerhauser paper corporation.

For obvious reasons, here’s the one I am gunning for. Coming to a wall in my home soon.

Here’s what you get when you type “Stan Galli” into Flickr.

- - - -

ONE OF THOSE LINKS THAT JUST PLAIN HURTS REAL BAD: Factory 20. An incredible assortment of industrial wares. Basically, someone smarter than the rest of us got to this stuff, put a gigantic price tag on it, and will sell it to someone a little less smarter than them, who’s still prob’ly smarter than us.

Here’s one that caught my eye.

The stuff I buy, I use. And that’s that. I haven’t quite found the desk that I “will die on.” But, that purchase is coming. And for the record, when I do go out, I am going to go out “real wet.” Lots of fluids, and quite a mess. Weird.

- - - -

NEIR COMES IN “REAL ORANGE”: A guy and his “fun box.” Shot by Neir yesterday. Best thing we’ve seen all week.

- - - -

FROM CORLORE, DOWN SOUTH: “From the bottom of an old aluminum cup from the ’50s/’60s.” Something he saw in his travels. Pretty awesome. Always look at the bottom of things. A good lesson.

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If you are looking for amazing posters, I would suggest you peruse Gallery 123 in Geneva, Switzerland. Probably the best vintage poster shop on its side of the pond, and I just randomly walked into it this past summer when I was living there. I literally would spend hours and hours going through their collection and all of the workers were crazy nice and understood my obsession with their wares.


Posted by: Doug Wilson on 03/10/09 at 7:36 AM
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