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March 16, 2009
Junk Avalanche!
Posted at 03:02 PM


JUST SO YOU KNOW WHO YOU’RE MESSING WITH, WHEN YOU MESS WITH MY DAD: Here’s a tear-jerkin’ Flickr set featuring my dad and his treasures by pal Steve Juras, from over the weekend.

This is what I grew up around. Go figure.

You know those stories about hoarders in NYC or wherever getting buried and dying in a room, and being lost for years while their oblivious brother keeps on saving old newspapers and toilet spindles and all? Well, I can already read the headlines, “Traverse City man dies in junk avalanche.”

An honorable way to go, if you ask me.

- - - -

SOMETHING WE UNDERSTAND ALL TOO WELL: Chris Coyle explains “eating healthy on the road” on the Headbanger Blog. Passed down by Cory Grove, who, frustratingly, had the hole shot on a the list at the estate sale we all showed up at this weekend. Bastard.

Regarding road food choices, Steve Albini once said, “A loaf of bread and pound of deli meat go a long way.”

- - - -

THIS MOTHERFUCKER OF A LINK IS A REAL MOUTHFUL: “Decals For Vintage Tamiya Kyosho Ayk Hirobo Marui Nichimo.”

For Rose, that Easy Coast prick: Holiday Buggy.

(Sent in by Talizmatik of Graphical Allstars.)

- - - -

NOW WE’RE TALKING: General Mills brings back some old cereal boxes. This seems a little out of place, but I’m thankful the marketing heads at GM greenlighted the deal. Getting back to basics. I think we’re gonna be seeing more and more of this across the nation, in the coming years.

Check that Kix box! Incredible. Finish off the whole box in one sitting on a saturday morning. Things were just better back then.„ (Sent in by the good jalapenos of Pablo’s Nachos! Gracias!)

- - - -

ON THE PLAYER TODAY: Tucson, Arizona’s Doo Rag and their spirited long-player, “What We Do” from 1996. Fuckin’ awesome. I remember watching them play in the hallway of St. Andrews Hall before a rather sweaty Jesus Lizard show, playing vacuums and skillets and pots and pans and shit.

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Man this vintage decal link is killing me. Did you see all the goodness found within http://www.vintagercweb.com/decals/decal_luchbox.jpg

Vibrant Vannie! Burgers, Dogs Soft Drinks and Munchies!

Are you kidding me? Incredible.

Posted by: Reilly on 03/17/09 at 7:12 AM

To quote from the original Superman film “The son becomes the father, and the father the son.”

That would be Kal-El (Brando) breaking it down to his boy.

Posted by: Paul on 03/17/09 at 9:44 AM

When people meet your father and I, they always comment on how quiet I am. I can’t even respond, as your dad is monopolizing the space.

And, as you can see, he has taken over this house.

I had control out in my garden; yet, again, he is monopolizing my space with all his birdhouses…..

Enough, I say, ENOUGH!!!!

Help me,

love, your adoring mother

Posted by: mamma d on 03/18/09 at 8:43 AM
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