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February 12, 2009
Put Away A Little Every Day
Posted at 09:16 AM


I can’t remember where I got the little “Handi-Pocket Coin Bank.” Somewhere in the Midwest? Yeah, somewhere back there.

I mean, come on, where do you even start with something this good? I am dumbfounded.

I can tell you this much: The thing is dirty and stinks something fierce. Somewhere between a wet, old basement corner and an old man’s foot. But like we care, you know? It’s got a good home with us, among all the other paper treasures. Come one, come all.

Here’s the back of the thing, just so you ain’t missing nothin’.

- - - -

FINALLY, SOME SPORT I CAN SINK MY TEETH INTO: An Sports Illustrated cover that spoke right to us. King of the breeds, people. Fast as lighting. (Sent in by Frank of Bulldog Vintage.)

- - - -

“THANKS” x “A WHOLE BUNCH”= Thanks to everyone who bought a piece of DDC Merch this last week. We really appreciate it. Even Forgash, who has to stand in line with all sorts of Portland turds at the Post Office. Even he feels thankful for your generous orders. You know who you are. Thanks. Shit’s on the way, people.

- - - -

THREE’S COMPANY: Derek Schille comes in hot, braving the winter cold, with three action shots from a day New Ulm, Minn.:

01. Here’s a Ben Franklin that’s been messed with some.
02. …and George’s bar downtown.
03. …and how the locals get their drink on.

- - - -

DO IT IN THE DIRT: “Dirty Car Art.” Hell, there you go.

I think I see Gary in this one.

(From my brother Embry, down south.)

- - - -

THIS ONE’S HOT: Everyone is sending me this link. Even the heavy hitters. Must be good. It is. Tape Cassette Inserts. You’ve prob’ly seen it already, and, well, that just goes to show you how “in the dark” we are here. Busy as hell. Trying to get all the stuff out the door.

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You need a machine. The postman will come to you if it’s stamped already. just sayin’.

Posted by: tyler on 02/12/09 at 11:44 AM

Two words: awe. some.

Looking at the back of that thing made me laugh. It seems weird now that every funeral home used to offer ambulance service back in the day. It always sounded funny to me to be taken to the hospital in a hearse. Or to the graveyard in an ambulance, whichever.

Posted by: Jason Duerr on 02/13/09 at 1:54 PM
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