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February 25, 2009
Today Is One Of Those Days
Posted at 04:45 PM


Busy as hell today on something that, frankly, blows my mind. Can’t say much else. Back to it.

- - - -

YOU GOTTA SCROLL DOWN SOME TO GET TO THE GOOD STUFF: Old C-Rations. (Forgash found these. Get back to work, knucklehead.)

- - - -

WHEN YER HOT, YER HOT: When Bill Zindel gets on a roll, you better watch out. He sent in a handful of links last night and EVERY ONE OF THEM need to see the light of day. So here’s the link from his missive that got me fired up the most: “Gevaert Photo Film Wallets”

- - - -

TAKE IT FROM THE MAN HIMSELF: “Drew’s Personal Favorites” from his incredible license plate collection.

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I’m gonna have to say the K Ration was the better bargain:


Posted by: Tim Lahan on 02/26/09 at 6:00 AM

Mark and I were lucky enough to see those C & K rations in person at an airshow this past Sunday. Pretty sweet.

We were also lucky enough to hear some of the first women in the Air Force (in WWII times) speak about their time in service. 80+ years old and still feisty as ever. They have a pretty groovy hero logo too: http://wingsofdreams.org/wasp.shtml

Posted by: Janeen on 02/27/09 at 7:43 AM
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