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Pretty serious. Also on the short list: A perforator. File this little dream under, “Things you can’t move by yourself.”

- - - -

THOSE BELGIANS AND ALL THAT COLOR: A beautiful set of travel posters from Sabena Airlines. Great color. Learn something from it.

I always pick out my favorite one, and here it is.

- - - -

OUT THERE, GETTING THE JOB DONE: Portland lowland carnivores Red Fang destroy Traverse City, Mich., and Coyle writes about it some, but for the most part slathers me with his loving sauce. It’s good to see a healthy pile of DDC Merch working for these rockers out there across this fine land. Each day I listen to a couple songs by them, and think about their destruction of the nation. Turn it up. Now.

- - - -

FROM A BLOG WITH A KICK-ASS NAME: We’re here to testify to the fact that “Girls love weiners.” Some proof for you. From the annals of The Subtle Rudder.” Somewhere in the Midwest, I think. Really dig that name.

- - - -

GOTTA LOVE THAT “GOLDEN HOUR” LIGHT: Mark Fairbanks stumbled on an incredible sign up in Great Falls, Montana about a year back, and got a couple good shots of the thing. You gotta strike when the iron is hot.

- - - -

GOOD WOOD: Alan Clark’s grandfather built his own guitar a long, long time ago, and here’s a set showing this beauty in 11 full color views.

And check that embroidery work! Incredible.

Here’s what Alan had to say about it, “Handmade. Solid Wood. The Good Stuff.
It has funny little things wrong with it like uneven string spacing. It is a classy ride. I come from a long line of Martin Players. My grandfather had a bunch, my uncle has a couple from the ’50s/’60s. They used to tour the PA factory together and scope them out. I got my first about two years ago.”

Thanks for sharing, man. Loved it.

I took that Martin factory tour a couple years back. One of the best afternoons of my life.

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In the Army, I was put on duty in the print shop where we used those scary paper guillotines. You ain’t kidding about taking a finger off. Shearing a hundred sheets at a whack was child’s play for that beast!

Posted by: Jeff on 02/24/09 at 2:18 PM

Those Sabena ads are amazing. Great find as usual.

Posted by: Trent on 02/26/09 at 8:58 PM
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