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Draplin Design Co., North America


The Phoenix you see rising above is a detail from an old sign spotted in a old schoolhouse full of overpriced antiques in Woodburn or something, just north of McMinnville. Lots of McMinnville talk the last couple days. Nevertheless, if you are a biking enthusiast, well, the price was somewhere around 80 bones, and firm. Would make a nice addition to some bike shop or something, goddammit.

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And, the goddamn “link of the week.” This is the one. Here you go: “Vintage Air Gun Pellets Packaging.” Holy christ. Incredible. Don’t even know where to start on these.

Man. Lucky duck. Check the guy’s whole collection here.

As legend has it, my Uncle Bob still has a BB embedded in his forehead, the result of a close-range basement battle with his brothers. How about that? Pretty serious. I remember killing a bird with my BB gun when I was about 11. Or maybe it was Ronnie Mortensen’s pellet gun? Hard to say. I remember feeling bad about taking that little life. That ended any future plans in “big game hunting.”

(Jess Gibson sent these bastards in, who, no doubt, took a fair share of life with a pellet gun years ago.)

- - - -

A BAND TOURS THE NATION, AND HEADS NORTH TO TRAVERSE CITY: Red Fang is playing my hometown of all places tonight. Traverse City, Mich. If you go, find Coyle and tell that barbarian, “Draplin sentcha.” Here’s what he had to say regarding the big night, “Heading to that shithole you call a home town.” Real nice. Then he added, “Fuckin’ cold as hell up here.” Coyle and I go way back, so, I let this shit slide.

If you know what’s good for you, you’ll go see Red Fang tonight in TC. Wish I was back there for this one. Look for my parents in the crowd. Rip it up, David!

- - - -

FROM CORY LORENZEN, DOWN SOUTH: An incredible nameplate from a piece of machinery made by the Oliver Machinery Company, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

- - - -

WHERE EAGLES DARE: A couple records picked up yesterday in McMinnville, of all places. The Misfits Earth A.D. and Legacy of Brutality. The original ones on Plan 9 and Caroline. Cool stuff. Rare as hell. Got both of them for more-than-fair prices.

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this one is rad. I dig it for sure.

Posted by: Chris Wilmoth on 02/24/09 at 5:26 PM
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