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We’re out junking this morning. Good and early. See you out there.

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MY KIND OF STORY: So Ben Thompson of Los Angeles was digging around an old building in Hollywood. And there’s this lonely folding chair sitting there, long forgotten. So he investigates and turns the thing over and find this stuff: “A lonely chair in an old building in Hollywood.”

And today, we rescue the beauty underneath that seat. Incredible. Don’t forget this stuff, people.

Go turn a chair over when you get home. It’s a good chance you didn’t pay 7.95 for the thing, nor would it have anything as close as beautiful as the labels we’re talking up today.

This here, is the kind of stuff that keeps me going. Thanks, Ben. You are a champion.

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My folks had a set of 4 of these chairs with the matching card table. This was the “kids” table at thanksgiving. Also played a lot of rummy at that table with my Grandma Ethel-Totally took me back there… thanks man!

Posted by: Hottois on 02/08/09 at 1:17 PM
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