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Draplin Design Co., North America


The “G” logo above was found this morning at an estate sale way down in Oregon City. In the old man’s workshop out back behind the house. Best places to find stuff: The basement, garage and workshop. Those are where I head for. You might have to battle some cobwebs or fist-sized spiders, but, you know, that’s how it goes.

Here’s a little detail on the rest of the package. Old solder. Forgotten about.

This little workshop was filled with good wood. Tons of it. When Dale and I walked in, some old coot announced, “I have dibbs on the Delta table saw.” A firm announcement. His claim. There we were, both in our mid-30s, fighting it out with fellas in their mid-50s and 60s. The sorts you run into out there.

I got a little handful of treasures from that old man’s workshop, and like to think I’m preserving them in the DDC Master Archives. So I wouldn’t forget, I made a little Flickr set of the day, and here you go.

Go on, get dirty: “A Fine Saturday Junkin’, Feb.7th, 2009.”

- - - -

FROM TITUSVILLE, FLOR.: An old “fingerprint chart” from the American Police Museum. (Sent in by Eli “Lawbreaker” Atkins of Santa Cruz, Calif.)

- - - -

ONE OF THE MASTERS: Saul Bass, and his incredible range of talent. I get most fired up about halfway down the page where the logos start. Some of the greatest, ever. So much to be learned from him. (Violently borrowed from Coudal Partners. On a Monday morning, even.)

- - - -

SIMPLY PUT: “Old Danish Graphics.”

So here’s one that stopped me in my tracks, and I just kinda stared at it for awhile. Weird. And really nice.

Oh yeah, and this one too: All kinds of stuff to get you thinking.

- - - -

AMERICAN SPIRIT, ALIVE AND WELL: Good ol’ boys in the backwoods, a Suzuki samurai rig, and balls of steel. Good times. (Sent in by Mark “Throttle Junkie” Michaylira.)

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All that stuff from Saturday Junkin’ is so great. Seeing Paul Rand’s Westinghouse logo in some old codgers garage - almost as good as finding an old rusted bathtub Porsche under a blanket. Great photos, wish I was there getting a good dose of tetanus!

Posted by: Andy on 02/09/09 at 9:13 AM

Totally agree with you on the basement, garage or workshop being the first place to head to at an estate sale. Scored some cool stuff in the past that I posted on my Flickr page.

Posted by: Chris on 02/09/09 at 9:58 AM

I’m hoping to go to this giant flea market this weekend and pick up some cool stuff. (fingers crossed) But I’m digging that “G” logo. Very nice.

Posted by: kyle steed on 02/11/09 at 2:11 PM
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