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February 03, 2009
Aluminum Illustrations
Posted at 01:35 PM


Here’s a new one for ya. Just putting the finishing touches on a Flickr set titled, “Aluminum: How It’s Made And Where It’s Used” Illustrations.

Take a spin through those, and check the good line quality and three-color brilliance. Incredible stuff. And hell, loads of it.

I got this book out there on that infamous “World’s Longest Yard Sale” tour Dale, Evan, Jess and I did back in August. What a bunch of pigs. Four days of junkin’, pulled pork and…hell, I’ll stop there. One of the best adventures of my life. Counting down the days until August. No shit.

If I remember correctly, it was from a little junk store somewhere in the wilds of Kentucky. I remember the shop clearly, and walking up to the book shelf. Oh yeah, I remember how it was a buck, and the old lady at the register having to calculate the “storewide 15% off sale” price that was in effect. And how long it took. And how cool that was to be waiting there with her. 85 cents. That’s what I remember.

So there you go. Some cool, old illustrations. Hope you dig ‘em as much as I do.

- - - -

ALL SORTS OF NEW SHIT ON THE LIPS MYSPACE: The Flaming Lips update their Myspace page with all that Christmas on Mars stuff. Some cool stuff to check out on there. Get cosmic.

And, they are contributing songs to a trippy documentary about mushrooms, so, that’s cool, right?

- - - -

BEAST PIECES!: Just like it says, “Beast Pieces!” We’ve got a card on deck for Wilderness, a small upstart in the Pacific Northwest. You might’ve heard of them? (Ben Vickery set us straight on this one, and we thank him for it.)

- - - -

USUALLY, THIS KIND OF STUFF GRATES ON ME: But man, this time around, I spun the wheel a couple times and had some good laughs. Funny as hell. (via Coudal Partners, who, no doubt, had to think hard to come up with that moniker. Cheeky bastards.)

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Unbelievable! Thanks so much for sharing. I love finds like this.

Posted by: Kyle on 02/03/09 at 2:20 PM
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