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February 05, 2009
Graph, Ruled, Plain and Mixed!
Posted at 06:14 PM


Yesterday was a big day for Field Notes.

We introduced three new memo books sets. Now, along with graph paper, we’re offering ruled, plain and mixed three-packs. Pick yer poison. I write these words with great excitement. Hell, can’t get them out quick enough. Been waiting for that day for some time.

Plus, we’ve launched the “FIELD NOTES COLORS” subscription service. Here’s what FIELD NOTES Midwest had to say on the matter:

“Subscribe to FIELD NOTES COLORS and get two 3-Packs of the ‚€œButcher Orange Edition‚€ immediately plus two 3-Packs of each of the next three seasonal COLORS releases. Over the course of a year, that gives you 24 very-limited-edition memo books in four different colors/styles. If you‚€™re the hoarding type, use one three pack of each, and put the other in a PVC sleeve in your safety deposit box with your baseball cards.”

Now we’re talking. Get in there. We’ve got some cool colors coming, so, you know, get on board while you can.

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STRAIGHT OUTTA OPELIKA: A nice review on Field Notes by Jerry Katz. Thanks, man!

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THIS ONE COMES FROM JIM COUDAL DIRECTLY: So that means you should listen up. A nice collection of matchboxes from India. Those crazy hindus. Gotta give it up to them.

He saved the best for last.

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HOT WATER FOR MR. FAIREY?: The AP wants a piece of the action. Sticky situation.

- - - -

REQUIRED VIEWING: A cool, little short about the denin hunter, Brit Eaton. $10,000 for an old pair of Levis. Incredible. In an about face, I’m proud to report my pants on are right now, and they are a pair of Levi 501s. There you go. (A big thanks goes out to Michael Gibboney for handing that one down to us.)

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headed to the ICA Boston tomorrow night. will report. looking forward to it.

Posted by: james fox on 02/05/09 at 7:13 PM
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