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January 02, 2009
Something To Think About
Posted at 10:15 AM


Got up in Salt Lake to a very chilly morning. Dry as a bone, too. We must’ve missed the big snow by a couple of days, gauging the snowbanks around town. We got on the big road before 10 am, kicking ass north up into Idaho, and over towards the Oregon border.

I’m glad to say I survived another trip through the “Burley Vortex.” There’s just something about that town that messed with me a couple time in the mid ’90s. Flat tires and snowstorms and getting pulled over and shit. Just watch yer back when you go through it, travelers.

Went through some precipitation just outside of Mountain Home, and then things cleared way up allowing a record hunting pitstop at the Record Exchange in downtown Boise. Got some goodies, and got back on the big road.

We passed over into Oregon, and then started the push up towards Deadman’s Pass. 15 miles outta La Grande, things turned right ugly. Big snowstorm. We pulled off, had a feast at a Mexican restaurant and called it a night nice and early.

If you ever need a place to stay in La Grande, let me recommend the Orchard Hotel. Thumbs up in a big way.

- - - -

BEST “CARD” OF THE SEASON: Suddenly, all the wellwishing and sentiments just don’t add up. Hoss gets down to brass tacks in a way only he can. “I want you to prosper in uncertain times. Here are some Wise Investments.”

On the way back to Portland Leigh and I had a pretty grave discussion about the possibility of “things going to shit” and how we’d handle it, and what preparations could be taken. Just in case. PJ’s speculation is a little more long term, but, look how fast the financial collapse happened, and then apply that to the nation’s trucking system bringing goods to and fro around the nation, and then think about sudden foot shortages and what not. Scary thoughts.

Good stuff to think about. Spent a good chunk of the day pouring over some of the pointers in Hoss’ card. One smart cookie, he is.

With that said, I will get back to my gluttonous life making landfill, living fast and hawking shameless amounts of DDC Merch. Go easy on me! Man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do!

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Did y’all eat at Mamacita’s in La Grande? Best nachos ever.

Posted by: Hottois on 01/05/09 at 8:16 PM

Thanks for the writeup. The optimistic side of me wants to believe that we have a few years of “normalcy” left before things really fall apart; the pragmatic side of me says it may be this year, either around the time Oblahma takes office (there have been a lot of ominous-sounding assurances from people high in govt. that “some tough things are going to happen as soon as he’s in office” and that people should be prepared for a “crisis,” a “test,” and for “unpopular decisions to be made”.)

I guess if another major false-flag “terror” incident doesn’t throw the country back into panic mode, the financial house of cards is still tumbling down pretty fast, so I expect this to be a hard year for Americans in general. I’m moving back to Michigan in a few months to be near my family and grow a very large garden on property my grandparents own. I just hope shit doesn’t hit the fan before I can move back…

I love America as much as anyone, but if you somehow think “it can’t happen here,” please spend a few minutes reading this article: The Five Stages of Collapse. It certainly can happen here, every great empire in history has fallen and it looks like we’re next in line. It’s time to put down the iPod and get serious about life, and how you’ll manage to survive it when things change, because your neighborhood in a few years could look a whole lot more like a third-world country.

Hopefully history will prove me wrong, but somehow I doubt it. Better to be somewhat ready for it than be caught out as one of the panicked millions scurrying around shooting each other for basic necessities.

Posted by: Worst-Case Chmiel on 01/06/09 at 1:32 PM

That “wise investments” piece is masterful on a number of levels. Thanks to pjchmiel and to you for forwarding it through the draplin blog. Great food for thought. I will pass it on.

Posted by: Steve Brothers on 01/08/09 at 4:43 AM
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