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That’s Benihana’s logo. From a matchbook. Pretty old. Early ’80s or something.

I went to Benihana once, in Las Vegas. 2001. Chief took all of us from Snowboarder Mag to celebrate how expense reports work or something. We ate like kings. Steak chunks and lobster tails. I remember him ordering me three or four shots of Jim Beam, you know, to get me riled up.

Well, it worked, and I left that meal floating on fumes and Kentucky venom.

Now, any sort of “liquor talk” out of me sure be met with a very cautious raising of the eyebrows. I don’t know what the fuck I am talking about when it comes to spirits or firewater. I do know this much: I can handle myself on whiskey. I know enough turds who go to the dark side on the stuff, and quick, and well, that’s their deal.

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Eyebrows raised…

Posted by: Leigh McKolay on 11/17/08 at 2:10 PM

Once again you share words that hold hidden inspiration. The “fire water” comment was great!

Posted by: ian geroux on 12/04/08 at 3:58 PM
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