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November 02, 2008
Back At It/Taking No Prisoners
Posted at 10:12 AM


When Dad was laid up, I was collecting reference on all things “medical,” “hospital” and “surgical.” Lots of “-cals.” Anyhoo, I cam across this “breastfeeding icon” and it blew me away. And I had to post it.

- - - -

FROM FRYING PAN TO HOT PLATE: No rest for the wicked. Rolled the sleeve up on yet another issue of the magazine this morning. With Basher in tow. Baker flies in tomorrow. Pages are being slayed.

- - - -

BEN SMITH, WE SALUTE YOU: This guy “has the eye.” No shit. Seriously. Take a stroll through his Flickr deal. All 103 items of it. Right now. Some serious greatness in there: A Matchbook Collection rescued from Akron, Ohio’s Stagecoach Antiques. Glad these are in good hands, and man, thanks for sharing!

I’m still hung up on this one. Man.

Oh yeah, and, this one too: “The Pensi-ruler!”

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that really should be shown in every design class.

Posted by: Rich on 11/03/08 at 8:20 PM
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