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October 08, 2008
Posted at 01:21 PM

©2008 Rob Cruickshank

THANKS FOR TURNING ON US ONTO THIS GUY: Robert from somewhere comes in with pretty much the “best link of the week” so, I just can’t take it and have to post it: Rob “Flash Bulb” Cruickshank’s amazing “Flashbulb Packages” Flickr set. Phew.

And Rob’s got a soft spot for our four-legged friends who prowl the night in hopes of finding trash cans to tip over and other random acts of wanton mischief: “Raccoon Rescue!” We do too. Little bastards.

- - - -

IT JUST DOESN’T STOP WITH THIS GUY: Another great one by Cruickshank: The “Pavek Museum of Broadcasting” Flickr set.

Cruickshank. The more we say it, the more we like it. Cruickshank. Heck yes.

- - - -

WHY WAYNE COYNE IS AMAZING: A gal dedicates “Do You Realize” to her friend who passed away and writes Wayne to tell him about it. And he writes back, to tell her how much it moved him. Rock star? Nah. Human being.

- - - -

BARNDOOR GREATNESS: Tim from 3 Advertising down in Albuquerque shared a link we’ve shown on here at some point, but should pretty much up every day. It’s just that great.

- - - -

BARK YER CALENDAR: International “Dogs Rule” Day!

You know, dogs do rule. Fuck cats. They look right through you and could give a rat’s ass less about anything you might be feeling, wondering, hating, loving or whatever. The same can’t be said about little Gary. He’s right there up in yer shit, all the time. Maybe a little too much, but, all the time, caring about yer deal. Caring. Thanks Gary, for giving dogs a good name. Down with felines.

- - - -


But this is one of those deals where I’d have to say, “Step up to the plate and build yer own!” I mean, I think it’s an easy one to solve. I’ve got plans drawn up for one hell of a record credenza. Just gotta find some wood goblin to build the fucker for me, once and for all. Dale, we thank you, for many things. Things like, “LIghting up my life.” and “Holding me when I am scared.” and…aw hell, I’ll stop there.

- - - -

ANOTHER INTERESTING NAME BEHIND A GREAT LINK: Orvillee. Got a cool sound to it and looks pretty good typographically, set in a font like, hmmm, “Futura Bold” or something. Someone who goes by “Orvillee” sent this absolutely amazing “Painted Car Doors” link in, and man, we gotta say thanks. So here goes, “Hey Orvillee, thanks.” Just like that.

Here’s my favorite of the bunch.

I’m gonna bet Paul Brown is “on this one” like “stink on shit.” He better be.

There is One Comment

“Fuck cats.”

Heh. Just one of the many rock solid reasons to dig yer thing, Draplin. Keep it up!

Posted by: Daniel Holter on 10/08/08 at 1:56 PM
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