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October. Heck yes. Finally.

Man, I love the month of October. It’s my favorite of the big twelve.

The last four years, I spent my Octobers racing around the states, seeing stuff, adventuring, getting into tomfoolery, seeing the parents, visiting friends, exploring America and generally just enjoying being alive.

So it’s October 1st, and I’m busy as hell, and have got a mountain of things coming up that makes me excited to keep going.

This is all I can post for now. Too much other riff raff keeping me under water.

My favorite month of the year, and man, I want to make to it a good one.

- - - -

Things on the horizon:

01. The 5th Annual DDC Fall Tour. Announcement soon.
02. New DDC Merch. Thank you to the good customers!
03. The first couple episodes of that goddamn documentary.
04. All sorts of Flickr shit to show.
05. New Field Notes items.
06. An album design for a northwest band who’s been on my radar forever.
07. Another issue of the magazine.
08. Seeing mom and dad back home.

- - - -

MORE ORANGE: Vermont’s got autumn down pretty damn good. Take a stroll. take a slug off a jug of maple syrup. Wear a turtleneck.

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