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After checkout, we secured the gear in Big S and caught a cab over to the Chicago Field Museum. We had a good afternoon running around the joint. Saw all kinds of stuff. Great, great type in the displays, from long ago. Not to be missed. All kinds of weird stuffed animals.

Here’s what went down: DDCFT08-131 “Elephant ass.”

After the museum visit, I ran Leigh out to the airport for her flight back to Portland. Hard to see the gal go. I dropped her off and hightailed it south, around the city and up to Traverse City. Stopped only once for gas in Benton Harbor, and otherwise, we have nothing to report. I’ve made that run up from Chicago so many time. All times of day.

Wait, there was a little rain about Cadillac. That’s about it.

I got into mom and dads around 11pm, and had my pants off at around 11:01pm. Next stop was the couch, and that was that.

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