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Grit Edge.

Another piece of packaging from Dad. This is the kind of stuff he ferrets out.

Here’s what the thing looks like in its entirety. And here’s a little detail from the back of the thing.

- - - -

GET IN THERE, AND FEEL IT: My old school pal Dan Black has been up to some awesome stuff and we’re thnking you need to go through his work. Without a doubt.

- - - -

THE ONLY KIND OF GRAFFITI WE CONDONE: Spotted by Beau Colburn in New York City, high atop a building: “Long, lean and mean.”

- - - -

SELLING, LIKE CRAZY: The Field Notes 18-Month Calendar. You need one of these. Seriously. October never felt so good as it does on one of these.

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this whole site is great. this is probaly my fav section , “isolated buildings” http://www.davidschalliol.com/photography_galleries/isolated/index.html

Posted by: andrew on 10/26/08 at 10:41 PM
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