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Draplin Design Co., North America


Happy 31st birthday to Leigh. We’re in Chicago, and the whole day is hers.

- - - -

We are tourists and the Draplin Design Co. is closed for the day.

We’ll be doing the following over the course of the day:
01. Taking one of those river tours, on the boat, and all that.
02. Looking up at skyscrapers.
03. Shoplifting on Michigan Avenue.
04. Finding a nice Greek restaurant for supper.
05. Catching W at a movie theater somewhere.
06. Sleeping in.
07. Staying up late.
08. Seeing Kerouac’s scroll at the Columbia College.
09. Seeing the “On The Road” exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Photography.
10. Being tourists and lovin’ it.

- - - -

Leigh was taking shots. Here’s a couple:

01. “From a Wilco album cover.”
02. “Millenium Park Jerks.”
03. “Central Camera. Since 1899.”

There is One Comment

“On The Road” was an amazing exhibit!
Central Camera is also amazing!

Posted by: Terry Guss on 11/02/08 at 7:58 AM
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