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September 24, 2008
Good, Thick Lines
Posted at 03:38 PM


Dale, Leigh and I did a little junkin’ last weekend. Just a couple stops. Felt good to get out there and get dirty. We hit a pretty juicy estate sale and I was lucky enough to find the matchbook above. Stopped me right in my tracks. So good.

And then we got thinking: A cow. A Gary. Hmmm.

And then I got to work, and here’s what I came up with, in tribute to the little man himself.

And here’s some contenders.

I’ll forever be amazed by how taking the simple route can add up to so much. My personal opinion. (The ruffian “behind the matchbook” is none other than Portland freedom fighter Mark Welsh, nursing a broken hand due to a “beach brawl” down in the wilds of SoCal. Don’t the know the details but, whoever was on the receiving end, oh man…we wouldn’t want to be them.)

- - - -

HARDASSES, FROM NOR CAL: Here’s a pretty meaty blog dealing with motorbikes, skateboardin’, road rash, babes and kick-ass, grainy old photos.

I know Paul Brown knows about this, but, here goes: Paul, if you are reading these halfwit words, just know that we thought about you when we happened upon it. (Thank you, Mark Welsh. Once again. Band of the hand, man, band of the Hand.)

- - - -

RUSS, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK: Our pal Russ out in Ohio has one hell of a gig. He’s a designer behind the Democraticstuff.com website that makes a staggering amount of support items for our man Barack Obama. Cool stuff like this, this and this.

Here’s how we look it at: More the better. Get people involved, and get the message out there, on chests and bumpers and strollers and whatever. And, with a twist. With some good design, for a change.

So Russ, all of at the DDC Factory Floor would like to salute you in this time of need! Patriotism has a bad name these last bunch of years, and I’ll be damned if freedom fighters like yerself aren’t EXACTLY the sorts of people America needs. Thank you, man, and go get ‘em.

In fact, he was nice enough to make the DDC its very own button, and well, here you go: “The DDC has Hope for America.”

- - - -

HAPPY AS HELL: Working on a project this week with none other than Willy Vlautin. Real proud to be rolling up the sleeves for him. Stay tuned.

Congrats, man, congrats.

- - - -

O’ CANADA: Extra-Fine Machine Oil.

- - - -

HEALTHY FEET ARE HAPPY FEET: Boston’s own Beau Colburn is enjoying the durability, comfort and unquestionable fashion benefit of his new pair of DDC Crew Socks, and man, we’re feeling really good about his feet. These goddamn socks are going fast people, so get in where you can fit in. Heck yes.

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Right on with regards to Russ and designers jumping in head-first into democracy. I’ve been donating my services pretty heavily over the last few weeks designing posters/flyers/advertisements/what not for the area campaign with regard to raising awareness about registration as well as early voting. I’ve never felt better about myself as a designer than I have of late. If we can’t put our talents to good use fighting for what we believe in, what use are we?

The official note-taking instrument of this work - and my fiance and my work in helping the campaign register voters - has been my now-well-worn Field Notes. The clickable Field Notes pen is perfect for on-the-go electioneering without the mess and hassle of ink leaks, too.

Keep fighting the good fight.

Posted by: Joseph Hughes on 09/24/08 at 2:17 PM

That 4Q site just killed the last 2 hours of work-time. I had heard Max was doing bike stuff nowadays, and now I’m more than fully impressed.

Back to brochure-town….

Posted by: Eric Powers on 09/24/08 at 3:46 PM

awesome blog, dude. a nutritious part of my daily routine (minus the rice milk). i learn stuff, get inspired, and i’m a fan of anything that combines the colour orange+dogs+my name. so an orange dog named Gary is a triple whammer.


Posted by: gary b on 09/25/08 at 11:05 AM
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