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September 23, 2008
18 Reasons To Breathe Easy
Posted at 03:32 PM


PRE-ORDER MADNESS: Been hard at work on a little something the last bunch of days. And that little something, well, there’s a “Pre-Order Sale” for it going down at Coudal Partners right now: Friends, of Field Notes, we’re talking about the “Field Notes 18-Month Work Station Calendar!”

It’s at the printer right now, and man, I’m on pins and needles worrying myself sick about shit like “corner rounding” and “bindery” and “ink density” and stuff. All for you, folks.

We’ve said it a million times, and we’ll keep saying it: You need one of these.

- Going fast.
- Limited Edition.
- Made in the U.S.A.
- Printed by Pinball Publishing, Portland, Ore.
- Bad-ass chipboard.
- Durable paper.
- Thick inks.
- 5-1/2” x 8-1/2” in dimension.
- Cubicle friendly, yet, tough enough to take a beating from any shop or factory floor.
- 18 months for the price of 12.
- Last three months of 2008.
- First three months of 2010.
- Designed up by the DDC with lifesaver help from Coudal Partners. Important Holidays. “Real Big Days.”

- - - -

ABSOLUTE. REQUIRED. VIEWING. RIGHT NOW: The great Ed Rondthaler setting the record straight on the English language. 102 years young at the time. Best thing I’ve seen in a long ass time. An American hero.

- - - -

PASS IT ON, PASS IT ON: Michael Moore’s “Slacker Uprising” is out there streaming for free, and man, we’re hoping you watch it, along with yer brothers and sisters and whoever else.

- - - -

I NEED MORE COLOR. YOU NEED MORE COLOR: And here you go, courtesy of the full-spectrum’d Andy Gilmore. Can’t get enough of this stuff.

- - - -

A HAIR LESS PILEUP: Our latest Pileup over at So Much Pileup.

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The new calendars are great, Aaron. I ordered myself two! :)

Posted by: Beth on 09/23/08 at 6:34 PM
Posted by: Dan on 09/24/08 at 12:48 PM

i gots some ideas for the reps on the field that can’t stand electronic devices to organize their lives….

Posted by: Wilmoth on 09/30/08 at 1:23 PM
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