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Draplin Design Co., North America
September 15, 2008
Panavision, Technicolor
Posted at 11:11 AM


WEEKWRECKER WARNING: Our man in Boise, the esteemed Barton Kline, sends in a “Silver Screen” link that will not only wreck yer day, but maybe even yer week. That’s why I’m posting it on a Monday. Just to mess with you a little bit.

Basically, here’s an archive of every goddamn movie poster, ever, and well, that’s a whole bunch. And, scanned in nice and big, just the way they should be.

Just to get things rolling, go to 1973. That’s the year I was born. Then, if you are man enough, go to 2007, and prepare to be socked in the jaw. Quite a load to look at.

Great, great, great, great and really great.

(+) One for my gal Leigh.

- - - -

FINGERS ARE CROSSED FOR A NEW AMERICA: And here’s a creative way to get a big-ass Obama sign in yer window or wall or whatever. Heck yes. Get with it, America!

OUR “ONE CENT” ON OL’ PITBULL PALIN: Give me a fucking break. Yawn. Something stinks with you, Lady, and we all smell it.

Hey America, don’t fall for their tactics. Don’t. Keep yer eye on the ball.

- - - -

MORE AND MORE ON THE WAY, TOO: So I’m not the best at “showing my work.” Too busy making the stuff is the reason, I’m thinking. Or maybe I am just lazy, and a bad person. But I’m trying to change that, and if you go to the “Re:volve Apparel Project” link in my “Work” section you can see the t-shirt designs I made for them a couple years back. Real proud of the stuff. Positive stuff, and a step in the right direction for getting folks to get back on track in the “Peace Dept.”

Be sure to check back soon. Lots more on deck, folks.

- - - -

MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU: Los Logos 4 is out, and man, I am real excited. I’ve got some new logos in it, so you know, I’m feeling one part “beaming with pride” and another part “curious as hell” to see what they used and and even bigger part “excited as shit” to see the new pile of work from all the amazing logocrafters out there. Some impressive characters show up in that book, so you know, it’s fun to bump elbows with ‘em.

Go buy one, read the thing, get inspired, find a logo in yer neighborhood that sucks, redesign it, get to know the owners, become friends, get invited to dinner, get all pickled on free drinks and then, at the right moment, pull out yer laptop and show them the new logo, and then, pass them a disc with the logo burned on to it and offer up a simple, slurred, “There, I just saved yer life.” Something like that. Get to work.

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In regards to Palin,

I agree with you 110% on this one. Being a lifetime resident of Alaska I’ve been fortunate (is that the right word?) to witness Palin’s rhetoric and good ol’ fashioned, home grown politics in action for quite some time. Sure she’s done some good for our state but BY NO MEANS IS SHE EVEN CLOSE to being in charge of the country. We had 2 rallys this past Saturday: 1) pro-Palin 2) anti-Palin. The anti-Palin rally was the LARGEST on state record with approx. 1,200-1,500 people in attendance. Don’t get me wrong, there are PLENTY of small towns and people up here that think this is the best thing since the pipeline BUT it definitely tells you something when a candidates home state is deeply divided. For Christ’s sake I shudder when she speaks because of the pre-programmed bullshit that rolls out. I’m ashamed to be associated with this woman because we share the same geographic locale. I’m keeping them crossed for November 5th to be a joyous, happy day and not another shaking of the head muttering “another four fuckin’ years of bullshit”.

Posted by: Mike Kirkpatrick on 09/15/08 at 12:00 PM

Thanks for the awesome movie poster link. Great database, awesome posters. Might try to get a couple to liven up the dorm room.

By the way, awesome site you have here. Keep it up.

Posted by: Derek from Canada on 09/15/08 at 8:01 PM

Man, ‘King Kong for Christmas’ is fucking great but what the hell is that thing in his hand? A train? A rocket? And his foot looks weird? Did they have photoshop then? I’m drunk, need to work instead of this.
But I love how ‘the most exciting motion picture event of all time.’ is like the graphic equivalent of Garrison Keillor’s ‘Writer’s Almanac’ voice. Which makes me want to punch the radio, I seriously cannot listen to 1 second of that shit without the blood seething.

Posted by: DB on 09/16/08 at 3:41 AM

Los Logos makes me feel warm inside.

Also, you have completely wrecked my week with the poster archive. Thank you, so much.

Posted by: John on 09/16/08 at 1:46 PM
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