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September 04, 2008
Happy 9th To Ewok!
Posted at 12:07 PM


TOP OF THE LIST: Happy 9th Birthday to Ewan!

Here’s a shot for his mom: “GOOD LITTLE BOY.”

And here’s a shot for Ewan: “GHOUL LITTLE BOY.”

- - - -

PILEUP RELIEF: Minnesota Mike Davis has a lot of stuff piling up. He’s sharing bit and pieces of it with all of us on his new “somuchpileup” blog thing.

I can’t talk Mike up enough, as well as the whole Burlesque thing in Minneapolis. Here’s what I like about them: They do their own thing. There’s been a wit, sass and independence to their work for a
long, long time, and man, in a design culture filled with beautiful people and safe solutions, it’s good to know there’s a group of fellas back in Minneapolis doing it the way it should be done: “However the hell they please.”

Okay, enough of the ass-kissing. I haven’t met Mike up close just yet. There’s a pretty good chance he’ll hate me right off the bat. I mean, I’m a handful. Facts are stubborn things.

So I’m trying to sweeten those fuckers up with some submissions. You know, a little DDC presence coming out of Minneapolis. Can’t hurt, right?

SOME PROOF: Get over there and check out the pile of envelopes I scanned up for Mike.

- - - -

ABOUT GODDAMN TIME: Bob Snead, you just might be the answer. Don’t really know what that means.

Do know this much:

01. You’ve got one hell of a name. Kick fucking ass. “Bob Snead!” Rolls right off the tongue.

02. Everything I saw on yer site got me fired up, thinking, “That’s a guy America needs. Now.” Heck yes, all around.

Bob went down and met the amazing Bob Browning in Gibsonton, Florida. Great stuff.

- - - -

GIVE IT SOME THOUGHT: If you could do anything tomorrow, what would it be?” Interesting idea. (From Cottini. Thanks!)

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Holy hell. Mr. Snead has some incredible stuff going on over there. Thanks for pointing his way Draplin!

Posted by: Huckleberry Hart on 09/05/08 at 10:26 AM

What a great Ghoul!!!! :)

Posted by: Sarah on 09/05/08 at 12:12 PM
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