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September 08, 2008
Monday, And We Start Our Engines
Posted at 01:07 PM


Had a hell of a weekend in the “Rock Department.”

Polvo was the best. Reminded me of those wild-ass, mathy, noodly Indie-rockin’ mid-90s I loved so much. Good to see those guys up there pounding it out. Gigantic smiles from me. Big memories in my small brain about the first time I saw them, in what, fuckin’ 1993 or something?, opening up for the mighty fIREHOSE. So good. From North Carolina, people. Hurricane survivors.

Finally got to see Centro-Matic in the “Live & Rocking” setting. This is one of the bands I’ve loved so dearly, for such a long time, and this was the first time I got to see them live, and man, maybe I shouldn’t have. Sure, it sounded good, Will and Matt gave it their all, but, on some level, it just sorta took the mystery out of them for me. I got into these guys in like 1997 or something, simply due to the fact that Jay Farrar mentioned them in an interview or something. I was instantly hooked. Fuzzy, in a good way, weird harmonizing, and just plain good Texas rock. I’m gonna bet not a week has gone by in the last decade that I haven’t played one of my Centro-Matic records. Love the stuff. Live, well, maybe I need to go to Denton, Texas to see them when they are home. That might change my perspective on the night. Leigh, Dale and I nodded through a couple songs, and split.

The Muslims were great, and made it look like they could give a shit less about anyone else in the room. Good jams. San Diego kids.

The Night Marchers had a confidence that comes from years and years of “doing shit right” on stage. Pretty impressive. Never got to see Rocket From The Crypt back in the day, so, on some level, it was fulfilling see Reis up there getting the job done.

All in all, nice to get out there in the Portland night and see Fasil, Brandon, Man Mountain Eric, Relapse Matt, Dale, Mark, Lovejoy and some other fucks. Plus, thanks to Arlie for being Arlie, and for the nice introduction to Brooke from NYC.

- - - -

A GOOD DOWNLOAD: “15 Old Book Cover Textures” (Sent in by Chloe. Thanks!)

- - - -

BLASPHEMY, ETC: The Rock Bible is out. Rejoice, rockers. We were lucky enough to contribute some venom to the thing, so you know, maybe-jut-maybe we can add “writing” to our list of so-called “Professional Services.” This book is a product of Chunklet, and, on some level, so are we. Thanks, Henry.

- - - -

REAL QUICK: Found this. Stopped me in my tracks. Hopefully you dig it. You better. Wow

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sad to hear about centro-matic. Maybe it’s because it was built up for you since ‘97 and then just seeing them live didn’t live up to your expectations. You should check out Doug Burr from Denton I think you might like it. Also, is there any way to get some kind of sample pack of field notes stuff to start showing around to UNT students? I know they’d want to know where it came from.

Posted by: Drew on 09/08/08 at 8:01 PM

The Night Marcher’s record is killer. Definitely going to play it out in a week or two.

Posted by: Tim Lahan on 09/09/08 at 6:33 PM
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