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Draplin Design Co., North America
September 29, 2008
Drive Safely - Return Safely
Posted at 09:21 AM


And shit, if you think the “Allstate Insured” sticker above is the Dachshund’s Bark, you oughta see the package it came in. That’s all we can say. (This item was a gift from the Evan Rose of NegativeB.com. Thanks, you scrub.)

- - - -

UP NORTH, WITH NOTHING TO DO WITH SARAH PALIN: If everything goes to hell in the “Lower 48”, I am moving to Alaska and I’m gonna make John crews adopt me. Then, when he’s really sick of me, he can “banish me to the wilderness” and dump me off at his cabin, out in the sticks. I just like the way the place looks. Just a thought.

- - - -

JUST BECAUSE: We went to the NemoDesign Charity Bash on Saturday night and here’s the proof. Aaron, Dale and Evan. American Motherfuckers.

- - - -

RAND & BASS, THE MASTERS: So much to be learned here.

- - - -

CAPOZZI CHECKS IN, AND THANK GOODNESS FOR THAT: One kick-ass rig, and, a good way to beat the housing game.

- - - -

BIG UPS TO DAVE: Happy 1st Birthday to Grain Edit! Great stuff. Steady stream of it.

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You Drap, the “why America is fucked” video is hilarious! Keep that passion running high, we’ll need it if you we’re gonna turn this thing around.


Posted by: Jamie on 09/30/08 at 2:23 AM
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