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Okay, so just picture this: You just got done hammering through a field, completely filled with tables of treasures, and you jump back in the rig, so happy with your scores, and you get rolling, and the feet stop hurting for a second, and you go over a ridge, and there’s another field, with 100 more tables, and 1000 more people and 10,000 more things to pour over.

Such is the Highway 127 Yard Sale. Miles and miles of it. We did 125 miles today, it felt like we did 1,250. Slow going, to say the least.

We are having an amazing time.

Here’s another monster Flickr set to climb into. To add to the effect, find a very, very smelly pair of shoes. Place them right next to your keyboard. Then, burp a couple times. Then, spill a beer on the desk. Then, make sure the room is about 85 degrees. Then find someone with a very-gross East Coast accent to be yelling sporadically, “Holy fuck, you have got to see this shit. Get over here.”

Etcetera. Enjoy:

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Thanks so much for taking the time to post these great photos. After a day garage sailing I can’t believe you still have the energy to update. Dedication.

Enjoy the trip and stay safe. At least one guy in PDX is damn jealous.

Posted by: Chris on 08/09/08 at 1:22 PM

Looks like a good day! I have one of those Apollo glasses in the closet.

BTW…as a sign guy, I completely understand the frustrations you felt during the hotel sign scenario. You have to be trained and licensed to cut hair…but any jackass can claim the ability to take on the responsibility of creating an appropriate and effective image for a business…this is a person’s livelihood we’re talking about…at least hair grows back.

Posted by: Joe E. on 08/09/08 at 10:25 PM
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