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Man, Ryno’s still got it. I’ll just say it. I mean, come on, get in good and close on that Dolly Parton face. So gross. Just the way we like it.

In a world of overly-smart poster designers utilizing nice, safe type lockups and predictable, ironic imagery it’s just nice to know there’s a Ryno out there, lurking in the shadows, who can pull off a poster this great, and, not give a flying fuck.

Take that, all you sniffling Indie kids*.

(*Term grossly lifted from “Positive Jam” by the Hold Steady.)

- - - -

TURN IT UP: Vintage Boomboxes from back in the day. (Thanks, Andrew!)

- - - -

A GALVANIZING SPIRIT: Jesse Kriss, you got the eye, you got the eye. Some proof of that vision right here.

- - - -

SOMETHING WE’RE LISTENING TO: Westerberg’s latest, 49:00.”

- - - -

LEIGH AND I WILL BE GOING TO THIS ONE NEXT WEEK AT THE HOLLYWOOD THEATER: Werner Herzog’s Encounters At The End Of The World. Been waiting for it for sometime after an interview on NPR some time back. Damn, Get here, already.

- - - -

MORE COLOR: Prosser, in a stroke of inspired brotherly love, brought this one to our attention,
and we paused and thought, “Wait a second, pretty sure we posted that thing at one point…” and then instantly realized that we make the rules on this halfwit blog, and this one should be posted again, just because. That’s how we do it. Just click the link already and dig on the “spectrum star folding thing” action.

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Ha, my brother could be in that flick. He’s been down -and met his girl- in Antarctica for the past 3 winters. Just a bit, well, different since he’s been back…

Posted by: ty on 08/21/08 at 12:56 PM

May be, may not be relevant, but I’d love to see what people are saying regarding the clip. Could you hook up a post like that?

Posted by: Haker on 08/21/08 at 5:18 PM

That is so nice. I remember back in the day at Burning Bush we did some stuff like that…. Nnice work Ryno. We’ve yet to meet but I’ve been a fan for awhile. Peace.

Posted by: styk on 08/21/08 at 6:32 PM

Fuck. This one was a quickie. Had to bust it out last saturday afternoon to get some copies down to the bar to promote it for this weekend. Not thrilled, myself, with some of the stuff in it, but it was pretty much snapped off freehand from the top of the page down. I’ll take it, I guess… Thanks for the love.

Posted by: Ryno on 08/23/08 at 6:21 PM
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