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Draplin Design Co., North America
August 05, 2008
WLYS: 48 Hours Out
Posted at 08:24 AM

48 hours out from our World’s Longest Yard Sale adventure, and it’s no lie that we’re kinda hopped up on this thing. Working hard, all day, for the last bunch of days, to get what we need to get done to go. Say that last sentence again, fast. Yikes.

01. Dad’s getting check out by Doc Warner to make sure everything is up to snuff.

02. Evan just can’t take it anymore. He’s very ready for this one.

03. Dale had this to say, “Shirtless. Staring at you. The whole way.” Then he hung up.

04. Jess didn’t sleep a wink last night working up his “gear list.”

05. I have a very-sweaty pile of one dollar bills that would make any yard sale proprietor drool.

- - - -

We’re fans of Otl Aicher, and hell, we don’t really even know if we say his name right, when we have to say his hame, but, he did one hell of a job on the ‘72 Olympics, and you can see proof of it all right here.

Like little Waldi here, the mascot of the Munich games, just a second or two away from biting the shit out of “some long distance runner from Belgium” or something.

(Thanks to Corin “The Sound of Puget” McDonald for this one. That fucker can play pong. Here’s a shot of us getting our “ass handed to ourselves” in Vegas by Corin singlehandedly. Shamed. Still sore about that defeat.)

- - - -

THE VOICE OF THE NORTHERN ALLEGHENIES: Al Q added a pile of amazing examples to his “‘50s Radio Station Letterhead” set over there on Flickr. Brilliant. Thanks!

- - - -

THINGS WE LOVE: PARKING GARAGES: Parking Garage Typography Goodness, which, was simply lifted from Chris Glass’ comprehensive site, utilizing our “five finger discount” we’re known for. Thanks, man. Highway 127!

- - - -

I LOVE LIFE. I LOVE DESIGN. I LOVE THINGS LIKE THIS: “How to Show Telephone Numbers On Letterheads.” Learn something here, people. The good people of Oddmart give you the breakdown here, and you should read it, and, other interesting reflections on the good type design and buildings. I’ll be back to this site. Prob’ly tomorrow morning.

- - - -


- - - -

THE NEXT TIME I’M IN WINNIPEG, I’LL BE DROPPING BY HERE: Guppy Design, if anything, to shake hands, shoot the shit some, trade some gear and of course, just to revel at how cool their shop looks, with all those big flat walls and cool stairs and stuff. Awesome. I liked Winnipeg. Mainly because the previous 500 kilometers didn’t kill my mom and I. What a day. Read about it.

HERE WE GO MAKING SASKATCHEWAN HATE US, YET AGAIN: A post about the lure of the Great White North from a couple years back. Love us.

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You’ll be tearing thru a lot of territory, but if y’all need a diversion / pitstop / recommendations / anything at all. Hit me up.

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Posted by: sweety on 08/05/08 at 10:08 PM

Just saw the trailer for WAIF. I think you and I would get along very, very well. Looking forward to the complete Draplin Project. Add me to your mailing list, please, if you have one.

Posted by: Dylster on 08/06/08 at 10:28 AM
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