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August 02, 2008
Water, Winter, Wonder
Posted at 02:17 AM


MORE REASONS WHY MICHIGAN IS “THE GREATEST STATE OF THEM ALL”: Dabica sends one in that gets us sentimental for the state we grew up in. These guys are calling Michigan, “Water Winter Wonder Land,” which is fitting, and, I have to say I am warming up to the idea of moving it all back there at some point. More and more. I’ve been gone so long.

This site is INSANELY comprehensive, so, spend some time getting to know the good parts of the Great Lakes State.

I mean, the Cherry Bowl Drive-In is enough reason alone, really. Still operational. Still great. Close to mom and dad’s compound. Lots of great memories as a kid, swinging on the monkey bars in front of the screen, before The Jungle Book came on.

Got a little choked up scrolling through these. I am home. Wow.

For Leigh. You’ll be back there soon, girl.

- - - -

THOSE SOCKS, AGAIN: Good for our four-legged friends too! (Thanks, Jen! Belleville!)

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Aah Michigan. My parents live outside TC as well. I try to explain to people here on the west coast why Lake Michigan is the BEST lake ever. They just don’t understand.

Posted by: starbody on 08/03/08 at 8:13 PM

My wife and I recently discovered the Cherry Bowl - its the best. Everything is better at the drive-in.

Thanks for the WWWL link. It will be useful as we settle into the TC area.

Posted by: Gene Ullery-Smith on 08/07/08 at 8:17 PM
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