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July 14, 2008
Hobo Monday
Posted at 11:17 AM


A GREAT STORY TO START THE WEEK: Lovejoy has one hell of a Grandpa. “Dick Stuck” is his name, and he lives back there in Minneapolis. He was a “Graphic Arts” man for the bulk of his career, and we’ve got some proof of his artistic accomplishments right here.

Back in the day there was a product called, “Hobo Soup” made in Ortonville, Minnesota. It turns out that Lovejoy’s grandpa illustrated the “happy hobo” showcased on the label. How about that?

Check his handiwork here: “The Hobo Soup label.”

And then read the “story behind the soup” right here: “The Hobo Soup story.”

Awesome, all around.

- - - -

A LITTLE DEEPER INTO THE MEAT OF IT: This is what Lovejoy had to say about his Grandpa Dick: “At 81, my grandfather still works as a graphic designer in Minneapolis. My grandmother, Vivian, has adopted the computer end of the business over the last ten years and calls me every once and awhile asking for Photoshop advice. Dick still insists that his paste-up skills are faster than any digital layout program. My favorite Dick quote is ‚€œWe walked away from another one‚€ after a long day of fishing and drinking beer.”

- - - -

AND HEY ALL YOU BARREL STIFFS, YOU ARE IN LUCK: They still make Hobo Soup to this day! Order some up, quit yer job, fill a backpack and hop a rail. Tour this great land living out of a freight car. Strike of fast friendships. Get in fights with dangerous people. Change yer name to “Crotch Itch Carl” or something and make a new life for yerself.

- - - -

SPEAKING OF JUNGLES, HOOCH AND GRAB IRONS: We did a “Hobo Symbol Quick Reference Card” and still have some of our “2002 Once-A-Month Card Series” sets left. This card could save yer life, and the other 11 in the kit, well, they might entertain you in between rail stops. Think about it and make a wise choice, friend. Gocco, of course. You need these.

There Are 2 Comments

Great design and I enjoy the robust flavor of the soup! How are you doing with your designs Eric?

Posted by: Vicki KIng on 07/15/08 at 2:36 PM

Hobo Soup just made my day. I have been making my own hobo soup for a bit, but it is really just pile of stuff found in the fridge and nuked for couple of minutes. I am going for the real deal now.

Posted by: Huckleberry Hart on 07/16/08 at 5:52 PM
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