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July 02, 2008
Trying To Find The Time
Posted at 03:13 PM


Yeah, so shit’s been a little wild this week. We’ve got our sleeves rolled up a number of projects, all of which we are gigantically proud of. Stuff like “meeting the incomparable Jim Felt over at Studio 3” and “talking shop with brother Vin over at Instrum3nt” and “getting teary-eyed when looking at some Lew made” and “trying to keep it together on camera for Jess” and “figuring out how to sell you things you don’t need” and “trying to learn a couple hard-ass Wilco riffs” and “waking up in the middle of night to the most deafening thunder clap a motherfucker has ever heard” and other unmentionables. Oh yeah a bunch of projects in the “graphic arts field,” specifically, the wild world of “contemporary headwear.” Need more days in the week, people.

- - - -

YOU NEED ONE OF THESE: The “Be Good To Them Always” Gocco set from Jez Burrows, far away in the United Kingdom. Man, get a download of that cover! Impressive ink work.

- - - -

TIME FLIES: The Sputnik watch over at the vast Alanwatch Super Site.

Check these beauties out: Ingersoll. Scroll down to this one, and savor the simplicity.

The Luminescent Watch Dials page. Gorgeous.

- - - -

DAYWRECKER WARNING: There goes the day. Shit. Get yer ass over to VintageTrends.com and get lost in it all. Layer upon layer of stuff. Phew.

Just a couple of the sections, to wet yer whistle:

01. For Ryno, back in Minneapolis: “Belt Buckles.”
02. For John Cougar Mellencamp, back in Bloomington: “Levi Jean Jackets.”
03. For Evan, down on the beach: “Ski Sweaters.”
04. For Northern Michigan, around the middle of November: “Hunting Pants.”
05. For Dale, up on 57th & Burnside: “Western Shirts.”
06. For Watt, down in Pedro: “Flannel Shirts.”
07. Also for Dale, and his staggering collection of vintage rock shirts: “Rock T-Shirts.”

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