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Draplin Design Co., North America


Lovejoy is punching back in on the DDC Factory Floor today. Big news. Missed you, man. It’s summer and things are picking up at the shop. Glad to have you back, buddy.

- - - -

A LINK I FOUND, WITH ALL KINDS OF COOL STUFF IN IT: A bunch of postage stuff and what not. Maybe they call them, “Meter Slogans?” Something like that. Tons of the things.

Stuff like this, this and this.

Oh man, and this, this, this and this too.


ONE LAST ONE, FROM THIS VAULT: An overwhelming Red Cross example. Wow.

- - - -

PUNK ROCK, TEXAS: Pat Blashill’s amazing Flickr collection of Texas punk rockers. So good. Not that long ago, really.

- - - -

DDC-SANCTIONED SNEAKERS: The Simply in Saucony pool on Flickr.

Some lucky duck in Chicago has the whole Jazz rainbow. Nice work.

- - - -

HOPE FOR AMERICA, ON CHESTS: Mom sends in a bunch of Obama t-shirts. Fingers are crossed for a new beginning.

We’re not vouching for the design of the things, but, hey, “whatever it takes” to get his message out across the land.

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You can get a free Obama08 bumper sticker at this link:


Posted by: Andrius Simutis on 06/10/08 at 12:19 AM

those could be the ugliest things in the whole Obama campaign all year… good luck with that free shitty design

Posted by: styk on 06/11/08 at 8:35 PM
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