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June 27, 2008
Early Morning Haze
Posted at 06:51 PM


I’m in early this morning.

As I pulled out of the neighborhood and headed into the city down Sandy Blvd, the sun was coming up and the whole stretch was a warm yellow and bright and quiet. Just a couple commuters shared the road the whole way down. Beautiful.

Something like this, but even more striking, staring into my rear view mirror in Big S.

- - - -

78 SLEEVES, UP WAY CLOSE: So Dale and I bought a record collection, and there’s a pretty healthy pile of 78s to the mess. Here’s some of the details from the sleeves. So good.

01. “Made in the United States of America.”
02. “Printed in U.S.A.”
03. “Save and Sell.”
04. “CBS.”
05. “Deep In My Heart, Dear.”
06. “His Master’s Voice.”
07. “Little Wonder.”
08. “Gone, But Not Forgotten.”

- - - -

THREE COLOR GREATNESS: Ben Oswald, Los Angeles, Calif., sends in a beautiful a beautiful Curling stamps from our neighbors to the great north. Thanks, man.

- - - -

SOMETHING I REMEMBER GOING TO, IN MY YOUTH, SO YOUNG AND WILD ON THE STREET OF PORTLAND: The Church of Elvis, on Ankeny. Click those photos to see what you missed. So cool. We found this sucker on the ever-awesome LostOregon.com. Great stuff.

- - - -

BRAD, WE’RE RIGHT THERE WITH YOU ON THESE: Beautiful Israeli stamps from 1975. You know, I can’t even look at contemporary stamps these days. Man, what happened? Thanks for the link, Mr. Dicharry.

- - - -

GET IN THERE AND GET DIRTY WITH IT: The illustration of Paul Antonson way out there on the East Coast. We have lots of respect for the amount of work that goes this stuff. Keep it up, and stay wild, man.

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