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June 24, 2008
Ten From The Paper Show
Posted at 03:48 PM



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IT’S GONNA BE A GOOD FALL: Mercury Rev ready two albums for late September.

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STOUT GOODNESS: Can’t really say I’m too down with those Conchords guys, but do dig Tyler Stout’s poster series for them. Bravo.

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A SITE WE DESIGNED, AND IS UP AND RUNNING: Robbie Sell. Proud as hell. Fill that thing up, Rob.

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STARTING THE SEARCH FOR A BIKE: John’s vintage bikes got us going in this quest. I just want to lock down some sort of “simple bike.” You know, what was good for 1960, should still be good for today, right?

Well, one stop to the bike store just about “derailed” my hopes of finding something new. Flames and pinstripes and goofy doohickies and beach culture and shocks and shit just kinda made me turn right around and get the hell out. The last bike I bought was in 1997 up in Anchorage. A beautiful Cannondale mountainbike deal that was used daily getting down to the train, and getting all over town. I miss those afternoons blasting around those city streets. But a decade later, the thing is just, “too nice” or something. Too springy and too contraption-y with shit rattling and clicking and stuff. I just want to cruise and keep it simple.

So I’m reaching out. Anyone got any ideas on where I should start? I’ve been on the local Craiglist clicking around, and might even go over the the Recyclery to frankenstein something together. Here’s my wishlist: Comfortable, maybe a 3-5 speed, simple handlebars, etc. Help.

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Comment and a question sir.

The bike. Take a look at the Electra “Townie” series. Cruiser style, clean design and you can get a 3 speed. I searched for awhile to find a bike that wasn’t too complicated and had a good build quality. I got mine in matte black for that sinister unassuming look.

I dig the fact that you are always finding and buying stuff that inspires you. So the question I have is, what do you do with it? How do you organize it so that it’s accessible? Do you just buy and store or do you dig through your stash when you need some inspiration? I guess that’s three questions.

Posted by: Jeremy on 06/24/08 at 12:37 PM

As a fellow “big dude” I would tell you to avoid anything that considers itself a lightweight street bike designed for long distance riding.

I bought my Specialized Sirrus bike a few years back and absolutely love it. It might be a bit more than you are looking for but it holds up well for my size and weight.

For you I would recommend going with a hybrid street/mountain bike with wider tires and sturdy components. Any competent bike shop should be able to fit you to a bike for your height and weight and steer you away from the bikes that compromise sturdiness for gaining a few less pounds in overall weight.

Posted by: Cameron Barrett on 06/24/08 at 1:44 PM

Hell, I’d point you in the direction of a Surly if you’re looking for a simple ride. No-nonsense American products.


Otherwise, there are always good vintage finds on Craigslist. Lots of decent steel, English-style three speeds out there.

Posted by: Nate on 06/24/08 at 8:58 PM

Man, good scores at the paper show. Every single one is a keeper and a framer. Thanks for sharing ‘em with the rest of us (and the story of the show, too).

Posted by: PJ Chmiel on 06/24/08 at 9:03 PM


both of the above are for for hauling a bit of “junk”. The next will be for straight up haulin’ “ass” and no worries as far as mechanics.


if you want “old school” with new/old/classic charms…(and HUGE money).
http://www.vanillabicycles.com/ (OH MY GAWD CHECK THAT SHIT OUT!)

now, aren’t you glad I “helped”?

again, thank you for the swag. I am slowly building a fully addicted population of field notes junkies. he he he. -Bart

Posted by: bart on 06/24/08 at 9:56 PM

Hi Drape,

for a change look into:
(sorry, no English on this site)
Thats a german bike manufactuer (manufacturer in the true meaning; yes they really build the bike here).
The Roadstar is 70ies style of Bike with state-of-the-art no nonsense technical components. And you can choose the colour too. I just got mine - it’s fast as hell.
A little differnt is the ROADSTAR (same modell name, ask me why) from: www.utopia-fahrrad.de.
Another small German Bike maker.
This comes with the cool Schwalbe/Big Apple tyres. I ride this since 4 years - cooler than any schmaltzy beachcruiser.
Keep up the good work. I like your site
Best regards from Germany/Old Europe

Posted by: Uwe on 06/26/08 at 5:57 AM
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