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WOW, SOMETHING YOU DON’T REALLY NEED, BUT, WHAT THE HELL: A very-talented and code-savvy Tim Wallace of Somewhere in the Southern Californian Landscape made a “DDC Widget” for yer dashboard.

Can’t get enough of this DDC crap? Well, load the widget and stay on top of all the DDC riff raff in between checking piss-poor weather forecasts and plummeting stock prices and all that. Wow. Thanks, man.

Download the thing by clicking here: The DDC Widget. Then go find the thing on yer desktop, load it in, and well, promptly throw it away in disgust at the shit we post day to day. Our apologies. We try.

- - - -

THANK YOU, LA GRAND INDUSTRIAL SUPPLY CO.: On the way out to Aloha to pick up a mountain of records last week with Dale, I spotted a little treasure just as we passed under “The 5.”

An example of an old sign still doing it’s job, beautifully maintained and pretty much just “perfect in our book.” On this Friday, as the lunch hour bell is about to ring on the DDC Factory Floor, we’d like to thank the good people of the La Grand Industrial Supply Co. for having the guts to stay true to what’s right and what’s good. And you can view this national treasure here, in all it’s glory: “The way it should be done.”

- - - -

JUST SO YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE FUCKIN’ WITH, WHEN YOU CHOOSE TO FUCK WITH THE DDC: Dale Alan Dixon, Freedom Fighter, Vinyl Champion, Low Decibel Rock Voice, Air Guitar Song Picker to the Stars, Good Eye For Vintage Western Shirts, Loyal Citizen and “D Team” Van Foreman.

- - - -

FROM DETROIT, THE CITY OF MY BIRTH: A guy with a ton of cool, old sports games. Here’s the football and hockey ones, just to wet yer whistle.

And don’t forget his “cool stuff” section: One last one to shake yer head at.

- - - -

DON’T REALLY KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON HERE, BUT IT SURE IS PLEASANT TO LOOK AT: Vin comes in with a link about “Bar Code Visualization.” And when Vin comes in with anything, well, you should listen up. That’s all there it to it.

I don’t say this much, as it’s reserved for drunk fucks who don’t know how to express themselves unless they’re four screwdrivers in the bag: “I love you, man.” That one’s for you, Vin.

- - - -

WHICH REMINDS ME OF A STORY: One that, just might illustrate how bad of a person I am. Or not.

One time I was in Vegas with Rose or Larry or some scrub, taking the elevator up, and a couple floors later on jumps three turds in their matching light blue oxfords, business guy haircuts and “big night out after the seminar” mixed drinks in hand, in that hammered, sloppy “I love you, man…” mode. They climbed on and they are making a pretty good racket, then all of ‘em get silent just long enough for me to say, “What the fuck guys, was there a sale on blue shirts or something?”

The looked at each other, processed it and exploded in laughter. Then the door opened on our floor and off we went.

That’s how we do it.

- - - -

WHAT WE’LL BE WATCHING WHEN THE LIGHTS GO DOWN THIS WEEKEND: Low - You Made Need A Murderer documentary. Duluth’s finest.

- - - -

What a week. Got a mountain of stuff done, mowed the lawn, priced out some records, added a couple Adirondack chairs to the backyard, sorted some taxes, snipped snippets for a documentary, hung with Leigh, all the while, staying strong and staying free. What a world.

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