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June 11, 2008
Our Elixir: Doc Night
Posted at 02:54 PM


Not quite feeling 100% yesterday, I threw the towel in on the work day and headed home. Leigh and I decided on a “Doc Night” and locked all the doors, cooked a good supper and went to work overdosing on a handful of documentaries.

The Bridge. Uh, not really sure how to talk about this one. A filmmaker set up a number of cameras on the shores of the Golden Gate Bridge to document the somewhat-frequent suicides that take place there over the course of a year. Very, very heavy. Just know this: The scenes in this movie will sorta stick with you forever. Frankly, these words just don’t justice to the power of this film. Shook me up pretty good. Each and every day is a good day.

Heavy Metal Baghdad. A couple badasses from Vice Magazine infiltrate a very-chaotic Baghdad to meet and hang out with the city’s one and only heavy metal band. Insane. Big metal balls. “Prepared to be shot at.”

Big Rig. Finally, some light-hearted fare. Couldn’t help but get really, really sad thinking about the price of gas these days at eight bucks a gallon or whatever, and how it affects the American Trucker, and how it affects the American Graphic Designer Who’s Favorite Thing To Do Is Drive Back And Forth Between The Northwest And Midwest. Cried myself to sleep.

- - - -

FROM THE SASQUATCH FESTIVAL: The Lips do Zep’s “The Song Remains The Same.” A smidge bummed I didn’t see this one up close, loud and live.

- - - -

GETTING CLOSER, GETTING CLOSER: Sure, we’ve all seen the mountains of grody Obama gear, but, here’s a little light in the dark, dark tunnel of poorly-designed political wearables: Print Liberation’s Obama Offering. Pretty cool. (Thanks to Sturgill for passing it on. One of Portland’s finest Freedom Fighters.)

- - - -

JUST CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF THIS STUFF: Discovery Channel’s “When We Left The Earth” series. So good. (Thanks to the ever-orbiting Vin for reminding me about this gem of an event.)

- - - -

GONNA BE A WEIRD SUMMER: “Little Jake the next store neighbor kid, back at my parent’s place, a couple day ago.”

- - - -

DAYWRECKER WARNING: Bagerski sends in a Rare Book Gallery and our just about shipwrecks our whole day. Man. Dig into Ben Franklin’s Almanacks or get fishy with Louis Renard’s specimens of aquatic life. Wow.

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Been following you for a while and had to comment today. Those Obama prints are too good to pass up. Grabbing the T-shirt today. Love the blog.

Posted by: Brandon on 06/11/08 at 2:41 PM
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