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WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE, WHEN WE GO JUNKING: Just outside of Kelso, Washington.

- - - -

TURN OFF YER T.V.: But don’t forget these ones: Mike Sack’s Photos of TV. What a world.

“James, who lives down the street.”

- - - -

GREAT COLORS, GREAT LINES, GREAT ALL AROUND: A beautiful photo blog called, “The Picture Shop” from Lukasz Wierzbowski, from Poland, we think. Really, really nice stuff, and you need to check it out. Wspaniale, dziń™ki!

- - - -

STILL THINKING ABOUT YOU, BO: Bo’s family and friends send him out in style. Best part of the article, on his last couple years: “Diddley got up so early, he would tap the roosters on the shoulder to wake them up.” Awesome.

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